Evolve Dedicated Servers will be shutting down 9/3/18


Why we needed another version? Because otherwise the game would have definitely be dead, even with the variants there was enough players to make the game viable.

They financed both Legacy and S2.
It wasn’t pointless.
There was a thousand ways to change the game, and I’m certain that a few changes wouldn’t have made more people came back since the hate of this game (which wasn’t deserved at all).
In the end I loved my experience, I’ll keep playing from time to time.




This is somehow relevant… We all knew this was going to happen. At least it wasn’t out of the blue like last time.
Remember that the experience you had with Evolve is what matters…


Phill Robb and his crew, were a part of the problem. Mostly 2K but still, they had their part of guilty. So his sarcasm is a bit out of the line.


It pisses me off these days how games don’t think about the future and allowing players to keep playing even if there aren’t that many of them. Thankfully Legacy does have p2p functionality but ffs why isn’t it just a default in all games. We have to hope that someone like this comes along and saves the day with some games:

I get that some people would use software like hamachi to be able to play online and not have to buy the game but this could be circumvented by activating this functionality in the last patch if they know the game is getting no more development.


That’s it right there. We weren’t planning for failure.


Have it ready to go from day 1 but just not enabled. Or is it too much time to code it in?
Also let’s be real, no game is going to continue forever.


I agree it would be great now if we had done that. And I wasn’t involved with networking at all, but I’m pretty sure we had bigger fish to fry in that department. It didn’t make sense to work on features we planned not to use, and which would never be really tested, just in case — when there were things we needed for the living game.


I’m not upset about the servers in fact I would enjoy legacy way more than stage two. I’m fed up with paladin parnell and tinkerbelle perks. What I’m annoyed with is the ranked going away and stage two going away is a complete insult to trs. With micro transactions I was talking about console because they can still buy stuff on there. When people pick the game up on console they may buy a few skins. Plus the US pc players could buy the keys. I very much realize it’s only US that got gold keys. I know that only a few micro transactions could not sustain it but I said HIGHER chance I never said more money. I for one don’t want to be lumped in with a bunch of new players who have no idea on how to play the game. I don’t want to play the only monster match on defend and I don’t want to fight over monster. That’s why I’m pissed off about I have better things to do in life then sit down for a whole hour hoping I get my preferred role. Not to mention on September third no more bobcicle. Behemoth will be back in a under powered state along with wraith. I don’t know about you but when people think I’m upset about something that I’m really not that upset I despise it when people try to predict my feelings. It’s not stage two I’m upset about I’m upset with the fact I will never be able to play ranked ever again by tomorrow. I had a long term goal for ranked and that was to get up to gold or at least silver destroyer that’s never ever going to happen. I don’t care who I play with at this point I just want to play the game. I’ll play with anyone even if I’m forced to play hunter.




Keep in mind that the game is hardened against tampering, so any form of tweaking you’d like to do, E.G. Buffing the shit out of the Wraith; is nigh impossible. You’d need both the decryption key and the private signing key to get access to the files you need to “patch” and this is just the basic functionality (I.E. tweaking damage, traversal regen, etc). The decryption key to get to the files you need to modify, and the private key to re-encrypt them. The game doesn’t have a “directory” functionality, as far as I’m aware, so setting it up into a sub directory into the game’s folder won’t work.

The rest of the engine stuff, such as fixing the basic Gorgon bugs (the twitchy animations, the wall pounce bug, the mimic bug) are out of the question for instance, as the flaw is hardcoded as far as I’m aware.

I don’t know about net code, but it’d be hard to do imho. In other words, integrating a new set of software would be tough to do. You’d have to fiddle with memory addresses and injection into the game itself. That is a whole other can of worms, one I’m not familiar with.


yeah I’m not talking about changing balance type stuff (although that ability in customs would have been so good) just the devs being sure to code in the ability for players to keep playing the game if the servers go offline.

It also really sucks that 2k would never allow anyone to setup their own dedicated server. This part of gaming is a joke. It’s like not being able to watch a film that’s a certain number of years old.


With 350 daily players I doubt they would’ve made any money at this point. It used to sit steadily at 500, but it started dropping and dropping.

Tourneys didn’t do shit, going f2p didn’t do squat either, so I don’t really know what you’re talking about.


LAN games would have been great too. :frowning:


One question… I’m looking for Legacy Evolve keys but all I can find is Evolve Stage 2: Founder’s editions, is that Legacy under a different name?


Exactly what I’m talking about. The good old days


there are more players on console and those players may have bought a skin or two. The last tourney got a decent amount of attention and more people either returned or tried it. Stage two did something in the beginning before it went f2p hardly anyone played it. Stage two constantly got new players,but the people who stayed were the people who didn’t cry over everything. With stage two shutting down there will me less new players but the stage two players will have to relearn the game and learn how to find the monster without the scanner. On the bright side legacy is a bit more balanced and hunters will actually need to learn jet pack management.


Having founders addition gives you access to legacy


Are you sure? I mean the key is only like $1.20 so I’m not losing much, but if this doesn’t work I don’t believe I have much of a chance at finding any other version.


Yes. Founders=a legacy key.


G2a is where I bought mine a few months ago