Evolve Dedicated Servers will be shutting down 9/3/18


Sorry I was watching on of my Xbox buddies stream he is ripped apart about this poor guy has been playing ranked for so long a little over 7000 hrs of evolve and ranked is what keeps it alive for him.


Wow that’s stupid as shit. They’re not even gonna make everything free when they shut down dedicated servers?


That surprises you I mean it is 2k sry TMTR


I mean yeah. They’re giving up on the game completely and they’re no longer gonna monetize it why the hell wouldn’t they create some good will?


I missed the part where they actually did anything good for this game. Anyone else could have bought it and did better things for it. K I’m done now because just like L4D I’m not done with it and TMTR is not going to be happy about this statement :joy:


Just cause they shit the bed doesn’t mean they need to light it on fire too. Making it so everything is free after the servers shut down would be a gesture of good will towards the community so we don’t immediately think fuck 2k.


That ship sailed for me long ago i don’t like sports games and that’s what they should stick to. So basically idgaf what 2k does or doesn’t do because I’m not interested and also stage 2 is no more after September and I bought legacy from g2a for dirt cheap and it came with a lot of stuff


Does this mean that ranks (in Stage 2) will be going away? Like after the shut-down I won’t be able to rank up Hunters/Monsters?


Make the game actually possible by financing it?
Sure they made a lot of mistakes tough.

I don’t really care about this, I usually play in quick play or custom.

Do we know if TRS will still be working with 2K for their next game?


TRS does not work with them, they are with PerfectWorlds. I think they won’t ever put a feet in 2K’s studio, and if they do, I would be very surprised.


I know that guy!


Excuse me, but WHAT money, precisely? Game is free to play, only available on PC and microtransactions are limited to the US on top of all that.

Surely you realize that that wouldn’t provide enough to sustain the game even if it still was in full swing. And this had been a serious issue ever since S2 launched. The microtransactions were even added well later after that, so for a good while there was NO income whatsoever from Evolve Stage 2.

Shutting down the servers per se is not what people should be upset about, just like halting the development was not what people should have been upset about 2 years ago. Never giving the game the support it needed when the time was right, THAT is what it’s always come down to. News like this are merely a consequence of that fuckup.



Or at least, what remains of a mangled dead body.

By the way we all knew that day was coming, sooner or later. Playerbase didn’t grew up since ages.

P.S: And this situation, will prove again, how Stage2 was a big mistake. Now the playerbase will split up BIG TIME, and the f2plebs won’t spend the 2-3 bucks to obtain a Legacy’s key. Only Evolve lovers - veterans will stay…how many are we ? 50 at most ?

Practically we are condemned to play with same few monster or teams, until the end of the world…with horrible pings also, which that means, unbalanced matches.

I really never saw, and probably, won’t ever see again, a gem like Evolve with such as horrendous managment handling from both dev studio-publisher. GG to all.


And you, stop ignoring me on steam’s chat, you cookies & tea eater.


I guess I’ll just leave this here with a shoutout to @Takran

He made this (If I renember correctly) when we said goodbye to development, and now…
A final goodbye to the great game that captured our hearts.


Well, back to the roots.

Everybody who is switching to Legacy pls add me on steam: xxthepsychoxx

I have only a few guys that play Evolve, and i guess only vets and hardcore evolve players will stay. So customs will be the only solution.


Thanks, 2K. Thanks for truely killing TRS’s baby.
This is awful. Fuck it.


Sometimes you have to take a million steps back before you can take 2 steps forward is 2K’s logic. Didn’t think they could make the situation worse but guess they have.

I can understand that there isn’t much of a community for S2 and as far as they are concerned its just losing them money but in the grand scheme of things its penny’s to them.

Its also a MASSIVE FUCK YOU to Turtle Rock as far as I am concerned. Talented developers worked their socks off and all of that work will now not see the light of day.

Can’t imagine how frustrated some of the devs must feel because I certainly am.


You had a good run Stage 2. We will always remember you.

To be positive, this is technically a Laz buff.


Tell me why did we even truly need another version? Pointless now huh? We didn’t need it so funding it meh idc. I’ll answer that they needed another because they(2k) fuked up the first in the majorities eyes and also they didn’t need a whole new game just a few things done on legacy would have worked.