Evolve Dedicated Servers will be shutting down 9/3/18


That’s still a lot of people for Evolve numbers then.


But we are more than that! There’s people who did not sign up because they didn’t believe in this petition.


That’s because petitions rarely (if ever) work. In all likelihood it would still have failed even with 10 times the signatures it ended up with.


But still, nothing prevents you from clicking and to be part of the petition. There’s still chances for everything.


What @Nasha842 said is true look at the standing rock pipe line petition on the same site… didn’t work


Oh yeah, sure. And unicorns are real and they fart rainbows.


With genetics, you can make unicorns.

I think I broke the serious in this thread…


Challenge accepted :wink:


:unicorn: :rainbow:


What have I done…


Now that were only going to have one version it’s time we get those Legacy customs up and running. We played Stage 2 for almost 2 years with not a word, update, anything. Despite the fact it’s shutting down at least we know what’s going to happen. It’s a lot better than having a question mark and a running imagination of what might happen with your favorite game.


Get your heads back into this thread and have some respect. I won’t ask again.




Not you, Epex. I agree with what you told me in steam. I would transition back to Legacy right now if we didn’t have a tournament coming up. I will also speak to Yumiich and see if we can plan a final farewell tournament before the servers close.


This actually stings. Evolve hasn’t been healthy for a while now, but I’ve always thought that we were keeping it alive. TRS forum community being the pulse that sends a shutter through Shear. They say all good things must come to an end, but I convinced myself that that wouldn’t happen to something great. Well, I was wrong, of course I was.

I always loved Evolve when I played PS4, but I didn’t want to buy it again for PC. I never downloaded Stage 2 because my friends can’t run it and I always play with my friends. But I am not going to surrender my only chance to experience it. I’m downloading it right now.




I love you guys; I’m really upset right now, so I’m leaving for tonight.


I’m going to focus on what is still staying up and not focusing on what’s being taken down. Retired from Stage 2, focusing only on my Legacy Monster/Hunter gameplay so I can play customs there with friends.


Playerbase increases and old players are still playing

2K’s decision to cover their mistake of killing an amazing game? Shut down the servers


Oh well lads, this loved ship will leave us soon, once and for all it seems. Mateys, it’s time to drink some rum and cherish ye (g)olde times.