Evolve Dedicated Servers will be shutting down 9/3/18


AFAIK, Evolve didn’t have dedicated servers at the very beginning and matchmaking still worked. So if enough players will go back, game, in theory, should be able to find players.

In theory.


Y’know, I’m usually nonchalant about these things, but you’re right. Many of the greatest friends I got now, I met through Evolve. Freddy (@GrizzleMarine) and Matt (@SuperBadJuJu) are some of the best guys I’ve come across. The only other game I got this involved in was Diablo II, and I still have a couple of those people I’ve kept in touch with as IRL friends now. Ofc they come from different parts of the country/other countries.

In all honesty, I may continue playing Legacy, but it’ll be rare if at all for me to join up in a custom. I don’t feel like tryharding each and every game, and I’d rather relax.


I’m already there along with just a few but there is some still.:grimacing:


2K the Ice King:


Eh, at this point I’ve not so much as looked at Evolve since the plug on S2 was pulled, primarily due to how bad a state the console version was left in. In my mind Evolve’s been dead for a fair while.


You know Epex right :crazy_face:


Be warned, though. Emet in Legacy is freaking awesome. And in my hands fucking brutal!


A what now?


Epex as in @ScornfulEpex is a hard core monster that hunts in Legacy.


Oh. But I don’t see the connection to my comment.


You think his monster is scary :face_with_monocle: wait and play me :muscle:


Ah he mentioned you and him didn’t hit it off good and I said no…not terepin :joy:




Would this also mean that solo matches against bots are out of the question?


Why is 2k even shutting servers down? The game was getting attention ever since the tourney,attention means more players. More players equals more success and higher chance of getting money. At this point they are shooting them selves in the foot. They do know if they do this they will lose customers. no customers no money. Ranked was such a huge thing and what kinda separated the noobs with the experienced players. Not really but hunt was in my opinion the best game mode,now we will have to sit through a bunch of game modes we don’t want to play. Yeah sounds super fun,being stuck on hunter for five rounds then finally getting my preferred role.


I already terrorize them. @SledgePainter knows this all too well, and @Terepin tends to rage when his team goes against me…

That is my team to eat, not yours. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully there will be plenty of us hunter carcasses to go around in Legacy. You monsters can share us.

The remaining players that return to legacy are going to have to set aside their differences, suck it up, and come together for the love of the game despite any infighting they against one another.


I’m a hunter main :joy: I’m forever in legacy.


I’ll eat whatever I want :joy:


This could have worked if more people signed up