Evolve Dedicated Servers will be shutting down 9/3/18


2K putting the final nail in the coffin of their best ever game…


Of course it isn’t! When you know that S2 is exclusive to PC, that the microtransactions are also exclusive to S2 and that the vast majority of the players are on console, you know that there’s a problem.



I thought I was over this, but I guess not.

My heart is broken all over again. Was it dumb to think that there was still hope?

Can TRS just give us a snippet of how their new game is going? I need something to hold on to. Even though I play a lot of different games, there’s something about TRS that just keeps me waiting for their game to come out. The rest are just not games I get very invested in.


I’m sure if they could, they would.



Well fuck. What the hell am I going to do with my time once Stage 2 servers shut down?


Right? I still have 3 hunters to elite. I’m sad that I may never be able to finish that :cry:


I got one monster and a bunch of hunters. Stage 2 is superior in every god damn way to Legacy with the exception of the number of maps. :confused:


I disagree tbh. I MUCH more prefer legacy to stage 2. But I also know I’m in the minority and liked the much larger skill floor/ceilings.


You’re going to have to elaborate on that one. I’m genuinely curious, because from a design prospective, Stage 2 was superior in the way it handled player-side. Movement was much smoother.


Play Legacy instead? :stuck_out_tongue:


What other option do I have stick my head in the dirt and hope by some miracle they add the dedicated server options to Stage 2? /sarcasm


Sure, Stage 2 had better QoL features, but I felt Legacy is more skill rewarding. It had the ability to do decent jukes and the trapper avoidance meta instead of anyone can grab the dome. Same with stealth instead of shields made it more skill based. Those invis trapper support splits with domes were great.


I think I’m going to work again with Nemerod if that’s so.


It’s a sad news indeed. Evolve was my second and favorite online game. I enjoyed learning to master every hunter, every map, to cooperate. I have beautiful memories from it, which I’ll cherish forever. I found great friends in it and, surprisingly, love.

Thankfully, there will be at least Legacy and since I have plenty of bandwidth to spare, I can host games just fine.


Legacy remains intact.


I am kinda happy about this… Maybe the Legacy side of things will pick up again ^.^

I prefer its dark and moodiness.


Fair enough.

I liked that too, but sometimes you gotta make sacrifices. As it stands, I feel the QoL changes made the game better overall, lowering the skill floors considerably in exchange for lowering the skill ceilings. In a perfect world things would’ve been different, but it was a good run while it lasted.


Yet again 2K manages to break our hearts. They assured us not long ago that they were fixing the servers and not removing them, and that Evolve would be safe, not tampered with for the foreseeable future…don’t worry about them being shut down.

Let this be a hard lesson to any who want to speak with their dollars and support, or not support, certain publishers in their future endeavors…both for what they did to the games, the developers, and also the communities they leech their money from.

My inner rage is only tempered because the mods request it to be so, and out of respect for TRS, I will refrain myself from further commenting against 2K, even though at this moment I am the most unlike my normal Leader self and could let loose right now all my ire. Since I cannot do that, I’ll simply melt it away into depressing pain.

Evolve has been so much more than a game. It created a family community. The Old Guard adopted the new at Stage 2. We made even more friends and real relationships here. This IS where I live in my social world, and there isn’t another for me. We’ve even been striving to bring back the tourney scene and keep the game alive even when everyone else thinks it’s dead. And now the final nail comes.

Yes, we can still play Legacy…but we don’t know how peer-to-peer pings will handle. We can only hope players like myself will go back to Legacy, but all games will almost require pre-planning now, and most likely unable to find random games. Newer players will no doubt leave for other pastures, and few will want to pay even a few bucks for old Legacy keys.

I am sure this is a blow on the development team as well…again. I’m certain they wish they could say a LOT more than they can, publicly. We love you TRS staff, and we know how you feel even though you can’t express it. Trust me, I know.

It’s still sinking in for me…somehow I was assured by what 2K said, and now betrayed suddenly. It’s a really hard pill to swallow.