Evolve Dedicated Servers will be shutting down 9/3/18


Just to give you an idea, it’s against the rules of this forum.


It could also be a website were insulting is frowned upon

But next time I’m insulted here, I’ll remember to not flag it


It’s also a rule here but it gets ignored 99% of the time because people understand other people get heated. Which is why its always best to move on.



I’m just trying to help Dova be a better person. In the long run reporting people for insults won’t let you learn how to deal with them later on in life in various places because the real world doesn’t work that way.


As a counter point, not being a mod of course, I would say flag when you feel people are stepping over a line BUT don’t expect anything to come of it if it isn’t something that is an obvious and bad breach of the terms of service for that website… and then ignore the insult if you can (speaking from experience, super hard, I can’t judge people!).

Flagging still helps moderating teams know who they need to be concentrating their efforts on in case they haven’t witnessed it or haven’t realised the problem someone feels (especially important for those who feel they’ve been targetted or bullied and aren’t the type to snap back); and if the community is smaller like ours it also gives the community team a chance to try and tackle the problem positively rather than just let it build up and up until someone really crosses the line and has to be suspended or banned.

I know that the TRS community team and the mod team here put a lot of time in with various individuals over time to try and make this place a nicer place to be, all before ever having to resort to anything drastic.


I just reported him, I did not respond back.

EDIT: it got removed.


I haven’t played in about a year. I dearly dearly loved original evolve. Pre-ordered and everything. I am now getting keys for a small group of my friends so we can play legacy together and maybe even matchmaking (definitely will attempt quickmatch some myself, can’t speak for them).
Even though the changes to pacing and trappers kept me from enjoying stage 2 as much, I will miss glacial behemoth, who became my main when he came out. (previously it was behemoth, who I will now return to.)


With no servers around, matchmaking is certainly not going to improve.



This. When patch 8.1 was released, there was a bug that increased Elder Kraken’s damage. It wasn’t just a small extra buff. It was kinda big. Big enough to where he is the most powerful Monster by far. He is able to kill full teams very quickly. Unless the Monster player is complete crap at the game or the Hunters are really good, then he will most likely rip you apart every time you fight him. He basically makes games unfun most of the time. If you see a new player pick him, then it’s probably because they don’t know that he’s OP. Sometimes if you beat someone badly enough as a Monster, then they’ll actually pick Elder Kraken the next time they are Monster just to tick you off (I’m being dead serious here).


Hello. I made an account just to ask a couple of questions and vent my heartache at the server shut down.

I don’t really speak computer and a lot of the stuff about the servers confuse me- can someone clarify on the following things:

  • Evolve Stage 2 version will be completely unplayable online? You won’t even be able to host matches with friends? Will we at least be able to play with bots in offline mode?

  • Evolve Legacy will not have dedicated servers, but it will have “peer-to-peer”- what does this mean in practice? Will I still be able to hit “find a match” in any mode except Ranked (which is being taken down?) and find a game like that? Or do I need to find four others and set up a custom?

  • How do the server changes affect things like lag? Lag has already crippled the game for me. I live in New Zealand, and years ago the playerbase dipped so far down we had to start playing with the Aussies, which didn’t give too much ping. But as early as two years ago the Oceania playerbase became more or less dead and I had to start using US and European servers by switching it on Steam. Without dedicated servers- how does this work for me?

So basically will the game be playable? It lost a tonne of functionality for anyone not in Europe or America years ago- can’t play on local servers because there’s no one else, so we need to play on US/EU servers which means no monster because 250 ping minimum.

Will the game even be physically playable after this? Deeply saddened by this…this was my all time favourite game, ever. I’ve never loved another game like this one and I don’t think I ever will. It just had something…special.




That is correct.

Not in Stage 2, but if you bought Evolve Legacy before then you will still be able to host custom matches there. If you’ve been playing this with friends, it might be worth to pick up a key (same for your friends). There’s still plenty of keys around on third party resell sites (just keep in mind that this is my opinion and doesn’t reflect that of TRS nor the community. As a result they cannot be held responsible if the key doesn’t work, take it at your own risk).

Nothing will be playable I’m afraid. Only Legacy version you can play with bots.

It means that one player (usually the monster player) will host the match that the other players will connect to . This is good if you and your friends live close by (so no lag normally), but if one friend does live far he might have (or cause) connection issues for the match.

In Legacy you will still be able too. Although, keep the following in mind. Before the launch of Evolve: Stage 2, not a lot of people were still playing the game (only 200-300 total players online), so sometimes you had to wait a long time to find a match. Then again, this also depends on your region as the game will try to create a match with people who aren’t living too far apart. I remember most people still playing were from Europe, so if you’re from there you will probably find more matches than someone from let’s say South Africa.

This is the way most people here on the forums have been getting evolve matches on-going. I’m sure some people here would love to invite you for some custom matches as not everyone can always be present so the more people the better. Make sure to check out some of the other threads, there’s a few of people looking for groups.

If you can find people around your area to have custom matches with, you should have less lag when playing the game because, as mentioned before, you’re connecting to a host who lives close by instead of a faraway dedicated server. However, it’s possible that when you try QuickPlay in Legacy that you will experience connection issues because there is indeed almost no playerbase in and around Australia.

Stage 2 no, but Legacy Evolve can and will at least still be playable.


Thanks a bunch for the detailed reply, I really appreciate it.

I don’t so much mind going back to Legacy- I preferred Legacy to S2 tbh, just personal taste- but it’s sad to see that it might get even harder to find games. :frowning: Ah well. Thanks mate.


Not that I played often

But it’s depressing to know just the option to play stage 2 will be completely gone.


Played some xb1 evolve. Those poor nubs… I saw at least 15 different ppl under lvl 1o. Every time I get on there seems to be New ppl playing.


This video just popped back up in my Que, and it seems like it should go here.


I miss that whiteboard.


I miss watching the stream


I know EA pulled the plug on some online games and fans were able to work around it via mods and hosting