Evolve Decals? Has this been done, and is it okay to do?


Hey yall! This is my first post on the forums, but I have a friend that is a regular here, and asked him about the possibility of making some evolve vinyl decals, and he said that it would be best if I post here in the Community Content section, and asked around.

I’m starting my own business making vinyl decals and shirts. I also do car wraps, and 3d print stuffs.
Anyways, I had an idea to make decals that said something like:

“Hyde is my favorite Hunter”

And something like that for each hunter/monster.
This is where I need some advice. In order to do this, would I need to get some kind of licensing to do so?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Last thing I want to do is step on some big toes when it comes to copyrighted material… That wouldn’t be fun.



@DamJess Seems like a question for you: