Evolve Database?


So I remember @LordDeath talking about making a Database for all Hunter and Monsters…right?

And last time I saw was it was supposed to happen in about two weeks last month…Where is the Database right now?

Not being demanding or complaining or at least trying not to. But how close is it to being done if so?


I’ve been working on one.


Me too :stuck_out_tongue:


What does yours incorporate?


Mostly damage numbers

Trying to get Cooldown numbers and as the time goes on with Patch notes…I use those to change and add things to it


Mine doesn’t incorporate stats so much, as those are always subject to change.


What does yours have? It’s not that hard to switch them after reading patches :stuck_out_tongue:


Lore, team comps, good tactics, information on every character, wildlife information and the buffs their elites give, and concept art.


I like the sound of that haha

I’m still debating whether The Evolve Wiki is right :confused: It has the Key currency type of stuff some of the right Numbers but then there is this

When they actually do 560 DP


Pretty sure there’s a thing on wikis that allows you to check the last time they were updated and what exactly was updated. I think.

But yeah, wiki’s generally aren’t the best things to go off of, considering anyone can change them. Didn’t you go to elementary school? :stuck_out_tongue:


It does

Yea I know

No, I was too awesome for it


Woah, bro, that’s too edgy for me. I’m gonna have to back out of this one. :joy:


Shear Madness put the database on hold and I’m not sure when I will be able to finish it since other things I’m currently working on are higher priority. After the madness is over I should have more time to start working on the database again.


I also sit next to Nicko again so we can both get working on this.




Thank you and thank you @Insane_521 :slight_smile: