Evolve currently has event multiplier!


Right before closing servers. Damn.


I noticed that as well.
Like you said, the servers are going to be down and there’s this double :silverkey: event, it’s like if 2K was making fun of us, like if they were saying “Look guys, your awarded :silverkey: are now doubled, but it’s a prank because the shop won’t be available forever!”


Or it’s so that people can buy cool things they couldn’t before. Works both ways.


Except that they’d be able to play the game until the 3 September, which means they only have a month left.


Better a month to play with possible unlocks than not, no?



it is a marketing census


Except that it’ll become obsolete since the servers will go down.


I’d rather have 2x XP.


Just a quick question, since I still have evolve on my xbox, but how many people here are xbox players?


You all know what this is…am I really the only one that’s bravest to say it? It is a clever way to raise the emotional level just one more extra time before they sever the cord and let you fall into oblivion. How many times can they stab at your heart, you ask? It seems boundless at this point, and doesn’t surprise me in the least. They want to achieve the maximum pain threshold so they can feed on every drop of your tears possible.


The hate for 2k is real here.


They will probably unlock everything and give everyone elite skins on Sept. 1st.


7/10 for Accuracy

They forgot to drop a piano on the trash can


I have to laugh, because anything other would just feed the beast, but look at this, tell me what you see (hint: Aug 31):




Are they taunting us? I think they’re taunting us…


Oh, they’re definitely taunting us…


I think it’s most likely that they never removed the code for that event. That’s why you still have a login bonus even tho nothing changed in nearly 2 years


This is really just weird. I have no idea what to make of it.