Evolve Creepypasta


While the evolve stories have been really cool, I think this post could be a good chance for folks to submit a fan made creepypasta or maybe post which existing creepypasta is their favorite! It doesn’t have to be evolve related!


Like a map where the ghosts of the killed (insert something killed here) will appear and randomly attack the closest player regardless of what side they’re on?


Yeah or we could start a theory that the appearance of the fifth hunter bug in the game is not actually a bug but a spirit that lives within the game


Now I want to watch the //.hack series again :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s actually a really good concept. It would be intersting if the devs left this bug in just to mess with us players as an Easter egg or something.

Any chance of this @MacMan? It’d be one less bug to deal with (unless the bug was just fixed at which point ignore this post, lol)


Gosh its been a while since I last watched it


Spooky Spaghetti
Frightening Fedelini
Terrifying Tortellini
Alarming Agnolotti
Chilling Chifferi
Sinister Spiralini
Petrifying Pellizzoni
Fearsome Fettuccine
Mortifying Macaroni

I need to reconsider my life choices.


Top that off with some creepy canoli and you’ve got a full italian meal!


Or what about Lazarus’ device teleporting the dead bodies? What if those are trapped souls within the game as well that had to die before laz would send them into the real world with us


As if 8 types of pasta wasn’t enough e_e


No I just listed a dessert!


What if the super secret cupcakes in Evolve actually causes the current match in session to completely break if a player destroys them? Hookay, bad idea :stuck_out_tongue:

This just begs the question of what data drained hunter/monster would look like :laughing:


Would be awesome :slight_smile: Like it would mutate between all the current existing monsters similar to the T2 when it was melting at the end.


As long as an actual cupcake is sent to me for the trouble that should be fine!


Onetime it was around 11:30 pm, I was playing evolve in my room on my TV. I heard a scratching on my window, opened my blinds and it was a tree branch. I sighed a sigh of relief, shut my blinds and turned around to play evolve again. To my surprise Lazarus was standing in my room, pushed me onto the bed and put it into my tight little butthole while yelling “I AM NOT A MERE MEDIC I AM A LAZARUS MAN!!”


New Mode right there, buddy.


What if Lazurus revived Goliath and he became a cupcake? :cake: Spooookyyyy


I’m out


“I thought it was a hacker, at first…”

So… I like playing Kraken, okay? I’m a bit of a jerk about it sometimes, I admit, but… It’s not really a good fight unless you add some intensity, right? No reason for people to be upset about it or take extreme measures.

Anyways… This game starts, I’ve been playing against this same team for the past little while, they’ve got a Maggie, Parnell, the medic likes to switch it up…

And Hank.

The support player likes Hank. He couldn’t play him to save his life- That’s… Not meant to be insulting, I mean he’s literally missed every orbital strike he’s sent at me over the past 3 games.

But something’s different this time. I mean, I didn’t even smell him at first, he just kinda popped out from behind a tree on the fusion plant map.

Now, sure, I’m just stage 1, but it should be easy to knock him out, right? The guy dodges every one of my swings, and straight up tanks my vortex shots like a boss. So at first I’m like, props to him, I knock him back into the swamp when I see his team coming close, and I’m on my merry way.

But then he does it again near the dam. And again in the rock spires. Same way every time. I don’t smell anyone, I start eating, I turn my camera, he’s standing there. Not shooting, just moving towards me.

Now, I hit stage 3 with only one major engagement along the way (Hank, once more, was either missing or wasn’t even trying to orbital strike). Now at this point I’ve just gotten my armor back up, I’ve snacked on an elite crowbill that was sitting near the northeast passage, so that’s a nice damage buff, and I figure, hey, why not go for the objective instead of the hunters. I start making my way through the forest-

-And then I get the message ‘Finish them off’.’

Y’know, the one that you get when the hunters are weak enough for you to concievably beat them. So like, I figure someone’s just stepped in a plant and nobody saved em… But there’s no dropship timer.

Closer I get to the relay, the more I start to laugh because I can hear Hank’s laser cutter going off, that derpy lil sound it makes doopdoopdoopdoopdoopdoopdoop, like some kinda wacky retro raygun. I figure oh, they’ve gotten into a fight with something big…

…But that can’t be right. I know where they are, I already killed anything dangerous over that way (I don’t like competition for kills after all)

I hear maggie yell ‘I’m down’, I hear their medics healing field go off. Really I’m glad they’re busy at the moment, cause it’s giving me a chance to get into the relay room.

The moment I land on the platform though and start to head in through the highest entry, the gunfire stops and it’s back to silence. Whatever, snooze you lose, right? Knock down the grate, crawl in, drop down to the relay…

And… Daisy is there. Not like, doing her normal thing either. New animation I guess, for when Maggie’s dead, poor thing was cowering. Paws gripping onto something, shivering, head against the floor, little whimper sound effect. I’m a sucker for new features, so I let the animation run its course - It doesn’t. It just keeps going. Whatever, I start attacking the relay. 90%. 60%. 30%. 10%. I spin my camera around and I see hank jumping down from the upper level, again, not firing at me.

Relay goes down! Monster wins! Animation plays, kraken shows off his pretty teeth to the camera… And then uh… I’m… Back in game. Like, the game didn’t ‘end’.

So I’m sitting there waiting for us to head to the next screen, watching Hank run closer to me. I’m about to attack him for kicks.

He grabs the kraken’s tentacle the moment I do.

Now I don’t mean like, his body ragdolled and wrapped around it, I mean he honest to god just hopped up and snatched the tentacle, starts swinging around on it. I keep clicking, thinking it’s gonna get rid of it, but he’s getting a better hold, hops on my back. I’m swinging my camera around trying to track him.

Fucker -leaps-. Not just like, a basic leap either, like, full on goliath thing, arms flailing, mouth open, jumping

jumping at the viewpoint.

game ends but it there’s still this outline on my screen of the last frame. from the looks of things the support dc’d like 3 minutes in. The other players did not long after.

map recording just shows support warping around the map, more times than i remember seeing him.

So yeah, bot hacking is scary.


10/10 O_O this is amazing this must be shared and viraled!