Evolve crashes to desktop no error or warning, random, usually after 1 or 2 games either Arena or Hunt


Win 7 x64 Ulti
Asus ROG Rampage 2 Extreme x58 - Core i7 920 stock
12 GB Corsair XMP 1600mhz
EVGA GTX 770 (Surround Mode) have to play in Windowed Fullscreen now since Arean Patch intro’d new Res Bug. Surround mode doesn’t have DSR - available under Global Settings. Resolution 5760x1080.

Please fix.


Same here … Since some days I crash every 30 minutes.

Oftenly when I play monster. No error, no bug sound, game close itself without warning, no freeze, nothing.

Win 8.1 x64
Asus P8P67 3.1
i5 2500K oc @4.6ghz
Asus GTX 970
8Gb Ram
Using 350.12 drivers

I checked on the Windows Events Log and at the same time I’ve crashed, this line appears :

Event 900, Security-SPP
The Software Protection service is starting.

@MacMan @MajorLeeHyper @Shaners


Did this start with the latest patch, or before?


only latest patch.


I’ll talk with MajorLeeHyper when I get to work today. We’ll need to collect more information, I think.

It’s strange behavior. I would have expected some sort of popup.


Hey guys, can you try verifying your cache?
To do this Right Click on the game in steam and select Properties. Select the Local Files Tab and then select Verify Integrity of Game Cache… This will take some time.


Already did twice before posting. Issue still persists. fyi.


I also experienced this last night after maybe 2hrs playing, BEFORE patch.


Do the Security-SPP events coincide with each crash? Next time it crashes, can you take a look in the event log again?

Reading about this online, it seems that Security-SPP events happen when Windows, or an application, requests a license check. That part is normal operation of Windows, probably has nothing to do with Evolve, and certainly shouldn’t make Evolve crash. But if it does accompany each crash, that would be interesting. I gather that the license check may hog some resources for a few seconds.


got frustrated, decided to just wipe and reinstall OS. Seems to have resolved issue, I have only got to play so far once but the session lasted more than an hour without random crash.
I used latest Nvidia driver 353.06 just fyi. issue was occurring using previous Nvidia 347.88 drivers, fyi. If issue re-occurs I will reply to this thread or post new, just fyi. thank you for reply.


Wow, that’s decisive action… O_O

Glad to hear you are doing better, so far! Thanks for updating us!

I had never heard of Security-SPP events before this, but it’s possible that by reinstalling the OS, you have removed the installation of something that was requesting license checks. When you get around to reinstalling whatever it was, the checks could resume. Here’s hoping that it stays stable regardless.



I did not crash since I’ve posted here lol, what a coincidence! I had crash like these like 2 time per day since last patch.

If I crash i’ll check if it still SecuritySPP error.




I’m having the exact same issue and it started about a week ago too. Random crash, no pop up, no sound, just game closes instantly and goes to desktop. It just happened now. It was my third game of the night, and it happened right about the same time as I was about to finish eating an elite poison hound. I was hit with a tracking dart while eating it, and just as I was about to finish eating, the game closed.

I’m verifying my cache now… 2 files failed to validate and they will be reaquired. I know which files they are, they are the two video files. I renamed them so I didn’t have to watch the intro video upon starting the game. http://www.reddit.com/r/EvolveGame/comments/2vcne7/how_to_skip_the_game_intro_videos/ link to where I found out how to do this.

I think I’m going to remove the game and re-download it too, to see if that helps.

edit oh yeah, this never happens when I play solo mode. Only in multiplayer.


Yo, i’m having the exact same problem as well. Worst of all I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A RANKED GAME !!! i was literally about to rank up as well and it was a sure win and the game just decided to go “nah up yours mate” and closed its self. Nothing from with my system running an intel i7 4790k 4ghz and an MSI GTX 970 gaming edition. Just this damn game !!!


Ooh… This topic is pretty old.
Welcome to the forums first and foremost, sorry you got this problem! While I can’t help much, I would advise you check the windows event log that darksuN talked about back in June to check what it says.
Even though this is a really old thread, I will tag @ArPharazon again to see if he can help you. :slight_smile:


This just happened to me and I lost a rank because of it as monster. Not to mention it was a match I was most likely going to win. I had the game when it first came out and This NEVER happened back then and my PC specs are exactly the same. It has something to do with one of the last patches or characters they added I am pretty sure.


Thank you!


Sadly I can’t do anything based on the general description of “the game crashed mid-game”. What we’re doing about this, in general, is:

  • fixing crashes that we discover ouselves
  • adding a crash dump facility to the game, so we can investigate end user crashes on PC directly.


Yeah, nice, finally! :slight_smile: