Evolve Crashes PC after 2K load screen


I have tried all the little tricks out there and No go. I start the game up, then when i get to the title screen with 2K logo on it in the monster foot print everything freezes, gose black, then i get a win Blue screen of Death. I am running a three screen setup with a R7 360 AMD. And my PC has well over the min spec for the game . I need help b/c i spent the big bucks on the release day package and can’t play .


Which tricks specifically have you tried?


What background processes are you running?

If your PC is blue screening then your CPU could be overloaded with processes. How many processes are you running? What processer do you have?

If you can, take a picture of the blue screen.


well I tried all of the ones on steams forum and the ones on these forums, and still getting blue screen


well I do have a 8 core so I know its not my CPU and I know its not my GPU b/c its a R7 360 with up to date Crimson and drivers


Jete, let me guess, you have AMD FX-6300. If yes, I have the exact same specs. Out of curiosity, what is the resolution you have for the game?


Whats the error message on the blue screen? What information is provided?


Open your Task Manager and see how many tasks you’re running.

Just because you have 6 cores doesn’t mean they aren’t being overloaded and thus causing the BSoD.

While your in your TM, check the CPU graph when you open the game. If it jumps to 98%, your CPU is overloaded. If not, it could be your RAM. It could be anywhere from not compatible to outdated to not enough.


sorry typo , 8 cores


Just to let you know, I have the same graphic card and my resolution is 1366 x 768 with low quality to make sure my framerates are good and not to experience any lag as the game really burns up the card otherwise. I mean, it’s an entry level card after all. I’ve also experienced that I’m having issues if there is any background apps running, such as Chrome, Plays.tv (since you have AMD as well), and so on (like others mentioned before, open Task Manager to see what runs).


sorry I had a typo its 8 cores , and I do have a system monitor running on a second screen and I do not see anything spiking that high . the loading screens on Evolve now with updated drives and crimson I only get up to NVidia logo and freezes , then black then BOD. oh and I have 16G of memory


What processes are you running (in the background) and how many processes?


I am also an Amd user. Do you happen to have Raptr running or installed? Think it could be the issue. Try closing it or uninstalling it. I always do because it likes to change your game settings to what it thinks are the optimal ones. Also if you have any Razer chroma gear install new drivers.