Evolve crashes on multiplayer


The game keeps crashing when connecting to a lobby with my friends (and normal multiplayer games)

In the party it looks like i’ve been connected, but the game on my side freezes and crashes after a couple of seconds.
Also when connecting to a normal multiplayer game it loads to about 90% and then freezes

Tutorial works fine!

I’ve updated all drivers using driver scanner 2015 (also latest nvidia drivers have been installed)

Nvidia GTX 980
MSI ATX Z87-GD65 Gaming
I7 4790K 4.0 GHZ 8MB

Anyone else having these problems and know the sollution? Or any advise on how to solve this one?


I have a friend with the same problem, I believe you guys have the same video card.


I have the same issue and i have an AMD sapphire 7970 3gb videocard… no issues playing on solo mode but when i start searching players in multiplayer mode, game closes down, brings me back to my desktop… its been going on for 4 days now and i’m starting to lose patience in this… starting to regret buying this game…


I couldnt find a fix for this, exact problem my buddy has. after a good hour of trouble shooting, I had him set his graphics way down (even though his card can run it max’d no problem) then invited him to a party, but I did a custom game with just us 2 , which worked fine.

after that, we did a multiplayer game and low and behold it was working, if he sets any of the video settings up at all, he crashes again. Kinda sad that he cant use any of the perks of having an expensive system, but at least he can play now.