Evolve crashed my AMD driver

Same thing i have. But difference is that my driver still crashing and it started after evolve last patch. (Played for5 days b4 all was fine)

I demand retribution!

they do care atleast 90%. But they might not have a way to restore it as only way for them to know if q server it self crashed, there was a dev post about things like that 2hours ago

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Thank you for reply

Please do me a favor and read this topic. There are several things that you can attempt on your own (instructions inside) that may resolve your issue.

And if it doesn’t resolve it, there are simple ways to share the logs for developers to research if/when they have time.

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Nothing there will help me i did read everything.

About sharing log - why i must do anything Evolve broke my stuff and i must on my own think how to help to play you buggy game? lol

Anyway that player shared logs and what did u do? there’s like 15 ppl with same problem and you telling to us “uh oh do a favor help ur self but if u cant then uhm… send us logs some day we will fix something but now u cant play Evolve cuz we dunno how to fix cry engine error. Oh yes btw sorry for breaking you amd driver nothing we can do”.

Nice tech support.

Evolve shouldn’t do anything to your driver. The problem here is that everyone had different specs. Compared to the number of people playing, the number of users affected is relatively low. I have had zero issues, but why?

That’s the point of logs and crash dumps. It helps to find where the issues lie.