Evolve crash during loading screen


Hi all, my game never start, he always crash during loading screen (at ~50 percent), my game close and there is no message error and my log did’nt show something who can help me.
I don’t read another topic with the same symptom than me, so please, help me, i realy want play evolve :frowning:
(sorry for my english i’m French)


Anyone ? please :frowning:


Can you try go to steam/evolve/right-click/properties/set launch options and copy paste this:


Also are you using big resolution?more than 1920x1080?do you have nvidia gpu?


I have ever try to launch with -autoconfig but it doesn’t work

No my resolution is 1366x768 and yes, I have a nvidia gpu

I show you my gamelog, if that can help you

<14:23:07> CLevelSystem::LoadLevel tutorial: external Layer: tutorial
<14:23:27> EnableDefaultLayers ==========================================================
<14:23:27> [net 13:23:27.852] [Cached Aspect Mismatch] Cached aspect profile is used on 37:2, aspect: 3 real 6, cached 1
<14:23:27> [My2K] My2K(Entitlements) Error: 0:
<14:23:27> [CClientContextView] Client_:64087 enters eCVS_Initial
<14:23:27> [CServerContextView] Server_:16 enters eCVS_Initial
<14:23:27> [CServerContextView] Server_:16 enters eCVS_Begin
<14:23:27> [CClientContextView] Client_:64087 enters eCVS_Begin
<14:23:28> [CServerContextView] Server_:16 enters eCVS_EstablishContext
<14:23:28> [CClientContextView] Client_:64087 enters eCVS_EstablishContext
<14:23:28> [CServerContextView] Server_:16 enters eCVS_ConfigureContext
<14:23:28> [CClientContextView] Client_:64087 enters eCVS_ConfigureContext
<14:23:28> [CServerContextView] Server_:16 enters eCVS_SpawnEntities
<14:23:28> [CClientContextView] Client_:64087 enters eCVS_SpawnEntities
<14:23:28> [CServerContextView] Server_:16 enters eCVS_PostSpawnEntities
<14:23:28> [CClientContextView] Client_:64087 enters eCVS_PostSpawnEntities
<14:23:28> [CServerContextView] Server_:16 enters eCVS_InGame
<14:23:28> [CClientContextView] Client_:64087 enters eCVS_InGame
<14:23:28> CShowTutorialPopup:: calling HideTutorialPopup for Goliath_T_EatEliteCreatures
<14:23:28> HideTutorialPopup skipped because active name doesn’t match
<14:23:28> [flow-log] Evolve to Stage 3 DEACTIVATED
<14:23:28> [flow-log] Evolve to Stage 3 post ACTIVATED
<14:23:29> [flow-log] EnergyPercent: 0
<14:23:29> [flow-log] EnergyActual: 0
<14:23:29> [flow-log] Reset Everything

And after my game close and no message error… I don’t understand :frowning:


Can you try closing the v-sync from nvidia experience?And mess around with the options there.You can change the options from Experience before opening the game


I try this too… Nothing change :frowning:


Sorry bro got nothing more.

@MajorLeeHyper may need to see this log.


Thanks, i hope dev’ can fix it and if they need more information, i’m ready to help
Thank you again