Evolve crash at 1200x1600?


Im having a problem where my whole computer crashes when playing evolve at 1200X1600. The weird thing is that it doesn’t crash right away, it crashes half way though the match. This only happens when I have the settings at 1200x1600. So I’m forced to use the next setting down that will fit my screen. There is no crash when I’m at this lower setting. I have a gtx 780. I’m not a computer wiz but I know that it is decently good. I can play skyrim at ultra setting. If you know what the problem is please tell me because I’m tired of seeing pixels.

Thank you for your help.


Are you playing in portrait mode?

It sounds like a heat problem; same thing happens to me when I try to play Evolve on my crappy laptop. Check your temps while playing and you might need to look into fan controllers (or just dust stuff out).

And of course, make sure drivers are up to date.


The question here is.Why 1200x1600?This is actually the first time i even hear about this resolution.How big is your monitor?


I’m not sure I’ll have too check and at first I thought it was a heat problem but then I took off the side of my PC case and it still crashed. However it did feel kinda warm in my PC.


The game does not support Portrait mode resolutions, and there shouldn’t be an option to set the game to use such a resolution. Are you sure it’s 1200 x 1600 and not 1600 x 1200?


“feels kinda warm” isn’t really good enough for diagnosing a potential heat problem. Check out CPUID and GPU-Z and actually check your temperatures. I’ve had case temps in the 60s while my CPU temp was about to break 100 before.

That said, if you had the side off your case it’s likely that it’s something else. If it’s only happening in Evolve the most likely culprit is a driver. If you’re getting any crashes or artifacting at all in any other games though, you might just be losing your GPU - I had a 580 go out on me like that, at first only giving me problems in one or two more taxing games, but eventually getting worse and affecting more things.


Um I’m not sure?


Ill ask my dad he’s the computer wiz.


I’m almost completely clueless about computers so I’ll just ask my dad about his stuff. Thx guys!


Yy.Tell him to make the resolution into the normal one of your monitor.And make it Full Screen.You should be good then


I have it full screen right now.


I’ll check the exact resolution that I have right now.