Evolve Cosmetic Items


I was thinking about Counter Strike: GO. I go through phases of that game and binge on it every few weekends. What keeps me coming back to play that game is the skins, stickers, et cetera. I come for the cosmetics and stay for the gameplay. As much as I think I will absolutely love Evolve I know I will eventually get bored of it. I want to know what will keep me coming back. Once I get all of the unlocks what do I have to work towards?

That’s why I think that having a system similar to Counter Strike or Team Fortress 2 would be awesome for evolve. Not only would it give me something to come back to, it would let me personalize my own Markov or Lazarus, or Goliath and make them my own. How much do we know about the current skins? All I know is that their is a Goliath skin you get when you pre-order. I hope that this means there will be plenty of other skins for all the characters in the future. But not just skins either, being able to unlock stickers (That might be kind of ripping off CSGO, but whatever) or maybe even scars that you could place on your monsters or tattoos you could place on hunters would be sick!

This leads me to my next question/disscussion topic. Will there be market support? As of now, we don’t really know what there would be market support for as I don’t believe any of the above has been confirmed, but if they did add any of the above market support or at least the ability to trade skins would be nice.

Wow, this got longer than expected. Maybe it’s just the way it look in the editor. Anyway, I personally think that adding any of this could be a great addition to the game. What does everybody else think? Would this be something fun or do you think that it could take away from the game and make it more about the items than anything else? Or do you have a different criticism that’s worded better than that? No matter what it is I’d like to hear everyone else’s opinion!

tl;dr I think they should sprinkle a little CSGO/TF2 into Evolve


While I do like cosmetics, I’d prefer it not get overdone. I feel like TF2 has insane costs for minimal cosmetic changes.

We do know there will be unlockable skins for monsters and hunter weapons, and from the pre-order bonuses, it is probably safe to say there will be some DLC ones at some point. I’m all for it as long as they aren’t excessive.

As for monster skins we know there is an elite skin for each monster, a TRS dev only skin for each, and savage Goliath. For hunters we know there is a skin set of guns called exterminator for markov, maggie, val, and hank. They’ll probably also have elite weaponry skins too.


I don’t think you can go wrong with cosmetic items. They don’t influence game-play so why not? As far as I know Gamestop is the only retailer to have a cosmetic item for preorder and in terms of DLC if they allow you to buy hunters and monsters a la carte and then give you an extra skin for buying a pack then why not?


I do like the idea of having extra skins, probably more so for the monster than the hunter as i feel you’d get to see more of the skins and get more enjoyment out of them. Plus I’ve never been a huge fan of weapon skins, although I would definitely be behind skins for daisy.

I’d probably prefer a sizable amount of skins unlokable through gameplay, like the elite skins, available alongside any DLC ones but I can understand if they focus more on DLC and a marketplace.


I’m 100% behind anything cosmetic, be it paid or free. If it’s free, I’ll give it a shot. If it’s paid, I won’t buy it but I see no reason to stop someone else from buying things. It’s their money so why should I care?

I’m curious whether Evolve will eventually allow community-made items/skins/etc. If TRS is going to be spending time making things, I’d rather they make new monsters/hunters/maps, not cosmetic stuff.


Well let me stop you right here. The thing about CS:GO and TF2 is that they are PC only games and they are both handled by Valve that made this market system on their platform Steam. So logicaly the problem here is that Evolve will be multi-platform game and if you want to make market like steam has you would need new client with this market feature and a multi-platform database server.


I’m also for cosmetics, as long as it doesn’t enter the realm of silly. I don’t want to see Pink/Orange zebra striped monsters or markov wearing a Fedora or Daisy looking like a dalmatian.


Not even Bucket in a top hat? :frowning:


Hmmmm… Maybe a Monocle.


Currently, our only plans are skins.