Evolve Cookie Cutters


Awesome thanks!



I won’t do it if it causes trouble, but if opportunities present themselves, how can I say no? :slight_smile: I’ve been wanting to make these prints for a while anyhow - it will just come down to if it can happen or not.



Must find a way to incorporate Evolve Hunters + Monsters into my Galaxy Defenders Boardgame.

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Hey everyone my friend @xdflames linked me to this thread. I actually have a 3d printer and would be willing to help get some cookie cutters made for people.

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Then make it and sell it to me… I will be your first customer. :slight_smile:



We are working out the kinks now. Expect a thread (probably after Christmas due to shipping concerns, but maybe sooner) from me detailing more information about it. I’ll probably just end up buying a spool of food grade plastic for him and we’ll print until it runs out and only charge shipping, because I like you guys, and I want a set myself. Probably have a donation if you’re feeling generous. Currently trying to get an answer from @damjess (or I suppose anyone from TRS/2K) if we are allowed to do this. I know that eventually there will be a Evolve Store and if they will be selling them, I don’t want to impose.

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If all goes well and you get all the permissions I would like a set, these would be amazing birthday gift for my cousin who loves evolve almost as much as I do and I could pay anyone who could do it come the 1st of the year



Has anyone made these yet? I really would love a set of the cookie cutters myself! (so much so that I created this account just to get a set! :sweat_smile: )

Seriously, though.

I need a set so I can stuff the hubby with cookies on launch day as a reward and celebration of his hard work and less crazy hours while pumping out the game…


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