Evolve Cookie Cutters


I saw that evolve had shared this photo and I hadn’t seen any topics or posts on it yet so I thought I would make one.

They’ve made files so you can make your own cookie cutters based off the class symbols


I saw these on Twitter :slight_smile:


You, too, can be a cookie monster! (Cooking perk required)


I prefer to bake my cookies :stuck_out_tongue: Although, I do have a really mean Brownie Recipe.


Cookie Monster confirmed 3rd monster?



Yay! More 3D print-ables! That’s always good news in my book.


If anyone has the ability to print me a set, PM me with a price!

@Magik_boom: I love seeing when artists take on the challenge of turning something realistic that originally was toony!


Thats where my dilemma is. i dont know where i can use a 3d printer…anyone?


One of those cost 100$. Cutters will cost about 30$ each imo. I am asking my friend, he has a 3D printer. I will let you know as soon as I will know that. :slight_smile:


LOL! No way. I am a 3D printing technician, and ONE spool of ABS is about 50 dollars. You can easily make all the hunters and mosnters (assuming a standard replicator platform size, and scaled characters) AND cookie cutters on one spool and have leftovers. I’d say 1$ for a hunter, 7$ for a monster, and maybe like 3$ for a cookie cutter, and that is being rather stingy. Your friend is scamming you so hard, it’s not even funny. Granted, if you wanted HUGE prints of all of them, then it will get more expensive, but NEVER more than 50$ (heck, that would take almost the whole space with almost solid infill. that’s just wasteful).

I intend to make some of these when the new line of plastic comes in at work, assuming I can get permission. @SledgePainter , if I can get clearance, I’ll make an extra set of cookie cutters for you. It may take a while though - we are having some issues with our order forms, so I have no idea when the plastic will arrive.


That’s awesome! I wouldn’t mind having a Daisy too but I don’t know what her mold looks like. The standard hunters look good enough for paint. If you want me to paint one for you let me know.


Devs make these monsters happen I can’t stop laughing haha!


I agree with @Takran…it will not cost $100 per. I know an artist that basically hires out his 3D printer JUST to make unique cookie cutters and they don’t cost that when he sells them (see: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WaltonBakeSupply?ref=l2-shopheader-name). A good investment I have been considering, actually, is in buying a 3D printer, learning how the heck to run the thing, and then hiring it out. Apparently it’s good business and a lot of folks are doing it, but it doesn’t carry a price tag like that anymore…although it used to!


Ok I am so surprised. I would like to buy all hunter, monster and cutters from you. Could you make it for me? I would pay you like you said 1$ hunter 7$ monster and 3$ cutter. OK? :slight_smile:


If you’re able to, do you think you could spare another set for me?


I would be happy to make some assuming I get permission! It is a laboratory printer, so first priority is repairing lab hardware and designing really strange and specific experimental stuff that we can’t buy. If I get the green light from my boss, I’ll buy my own plastic and bring it to make stuff when the printer isn’t otherwise being used, but it is going to be a matter of A) can I get permission to use it when there are no other print jobs going on, and B) when on earth is the new shipment of plastic going to get here. We’ve been running on half a spool for a LONG time now.

Plus, to get a good print at that size, I’ll more than likely need dissolve-able plastic scaffolding. I tried making myself a Markov when the prints were first released, and it came out as a mess of gnarled scaffold plastic.

If I can do it, I will be happy to, but I can’t promise it happening soon.


Let us know, when it succeed.


Are the files available @Magik_boom? If so, it would be possible to find a commissioning source. Don’t wanna see you get in trouble Takran.


If you click the link it gives you the link to the files