Evolve Console Issues


I’ve been reading through patch notes and I’ve been having a lot of questions about the new update. Coming from a console player, the game used to feel balanced and fun . Ever since the new update , the game is not really fun anymore due to the fact that TRS keeps nerfing hunters because of what the PC players are going through . My thing is why don’t they just make a separate update for The PC players and don’t do anything to the Console because with the console, there was no problems. I understand PC has issues with hunters but not the console. It was very fun to play but now it just feels very monster favored and it’s not so fun anymore. Please TRS stop updating the consoles and just update the PC !!!


Well that’s just a lie.

Kraken is still OP af and defensive supports are too strong vs every other monster. This is just at med level play.

At high levels, hunters are still too strong and at low levels monsters are WAY too strong. The low level problem can only be sort of fixed if FT3 is fixed.

Also, what do you mean reading through the new patches notes? They haven’t been released yet.


I agree with that and I forgot about that for a second and I only feel like hank is op because ever since Sunny’s Nerf for consoles, she is not so good anymore.


I meant the micro patch notes.


Sunny is still strong on PC

Oh and im not sure is it true or not? My friend told me that Blizzard decide to have different Overwatch patch note for PC and console.
May be TRS should look how Blizzard balance Overwatch for different platform


The patch notes haven’t been released yet, even for micro. Unless I missed them.


I wish pc players didn’t come barging Into a topic that is not about them…