Evolve Concept Art Book


Turtle Rock released some concept art on their Facebook page as most of you Forum users have seen. I study concept artist for 2 years now at my school, so I am really fascinated by Concept Art. Especially art of big bad monsters. So I wanted to ask is, do you guys think TRS is going to release a official concept art book for Evolve? Or include a small booklet with a Special editon? Let me know what you guys think!

Then some questions for the TRS team themself. What were the inspirations for the Creatures like the Goliath? I saw that you have some Bearded Dragons in the office, were they a inspiration? ( I’ve got 3 of those cut Beardies myself, they are a great inspiration for creatures for me )

Thanks for answering and I hope that I did not make to many grammatical errors! :turtle:


this is already discussed on the evolve limited edition/special edition post. ^^


Ooh, I didn’t pay attention to it, thanks!


no problem dude we are here to help each other :3!!


Art book on Amazon


Thanks for the heads up, I’m ordering it right away!! Awesome!!!