Evolve Complexity and Future


Being a big fan of Evolve and keeping track on it from many sources. Their are many who claim that Evolve is simply to simplistic of a game and lacks major complexity. While I disagree with these claims as the game is full of complexity (just watch any pro match). I can’t help but feel that it may have been a factor towards the games drop in player base. So please post your opinions and thoughts on the matter and what you would like to see in the games future. And I also encourage any of the Dev team to put there 2 cents on this and how they intend to “Evolve” the game further.


The game is very niche is more the issue in regards to playerbase drop if you ask me. Not everyone’s cup of tea if you will.

You also can’t really just jump into this game as a casual player and its more aimed at semi casual to harcdore.


This game has a much better community tan any game out right now. In my opinion, the CoD kiddies will stay away, which is perfect, because it’s not run and gun or hide and snipe. It takes actual skill and communication to play well.

It is a niche game for many, but hopefully some word of mouth or maybe a few new game modes can draw some people in.

I can say for sure that I will be playing this game for as long as it’s around.