Evolve Competitve Gaming PC


I think if you hold competitive gaming on pc alot of people will play, Most people i know pref First person shooter games on pc for its more funner. Just a thought you can bring to the PC community :slight_smile: Happy Hunting!


Comepetetive games already exist with ESL weekly cups as well as monthly ones.

Please do your research :slight_smile:


But I think he’s talking about a PC tournament the equivalent of Dota 2’s International. If only it could actually happen :open_mouth:


Way out of reach right here :confused:


Most likely the Proving Grounds tourney, not the international. I just got carried away


Proving grounds or international. Nearly the same thing right :grin:


for xbox one it does not for PC it dosent


No, that’s an entirely separate event- that’s Proving Grounds. We’re talking about the ESL. That’s on PC. Regular tournaments and comps.


for evolve?


Why would I bring it up if it wasn’t?

Yes. For Evolve