Evolve Competitive Side


I have played many games of evolve so far, I have put just about 500 hours now into the game as of today. I am now looking some insight of the Ranked side of things for evolve and hope I can get my thoughts into it.
Currently in the “Pro Scene” Of evolve we all have a monster/hunter team. We compete in a set of tournaments hosted though out the week. There is also open tournaments that anyone can join and play for fun. There is a leader board that ESL currently has but it really doesn’t feel as an okay system. This is where I want to get some insight of the whole plan for evolve and my ideas. I hope the system works where you can have a set team where you play with. You’ll have your four hunters and a monster in a team, There could also be room for two subs if need be. The system would work like this…

Each team would earn points for their team. Lets say their monster plays a set of 5 placement matches and then their hunters do the same. They get put into a skill group based on their performance together. Once the placement matches are done they work together to earn points to advanced to the next tier. Lets say the ladders are Bronze-Silver-Gold-Diamond. When each side either hunters/monster wins they move higher up. It is on both sides of the team to do good to advanced to the next rank. It would be nice to be able to work as a team and advanced knowing you are both putting something into to the team to move up.

This is where I also came up with the idea to add team badges or something like that. Where lets say Team X advances to gold tier they earn a cool badge for them to use. This would allow teams to now only race for diamond but have the sense of something to work up to. When League of Legends had season awards for your placement in the ranks. This put a whole new twist of urge to get that gold rewards so you can show off that sweet skin and banner you earned. You feel good about yourself or team that you did something together and earn the right to show that cool little border or skin off.

This where I think there could be a nice thing to add when it comes to Solo Que Rank. I think you should be able to Choose your specific role that you want to compete in. I do like the idea of choosing your “Preferred Role” but sometimes I just want to play one class and have fun. It can be nice to go into the rank game knowing your playing that class you want or monster you feel comfortable with.

I know there is some Esea csgo people in this community that can put some insight in this. In the Esea client your able to check mark a tab that allows you to not join a game in progress or to find a game as a ringer. Finding the game as a ringer your able to gain Positive Karma that players can see and it shows that your a positive player. To get players to join a game the amount of karma you have could earn you lets say some cool badges or a weapon skin


They plan to implement a ranked mode, I look forward to what it’s going to be.


Check this post out and let me see what you think about it!


Currently I still feel that major groups (ESL Evolve Hypde) etc… are still figuring out how best to work in competitive tournaments. I feel a league building to a day long tournament is ideal. I also really dislike 5 man teams. It doesn’t promote great teamwork. Going forward I strongly feel that it will eventually be a 4 man team style. It doesn’t make sense to have a ‘Monster Player’ who is responsible for ‘half’ your wins/losses be ‘solo’. It just doesn’t promote a good ‘team’ feeling. Also, most semi-finals and final games will be live streamed so it wouldn’t make sense to have teams alternate between who is currently ‘playing’ for winning.

I also feel that masteries and perks should be enabled with buffs off due to balance issues.

I feel like a league could work with fairly normal random pairings. Once that has been done the tournament can follow closely to Netrunner style tournaments. There are ‘2 halves’. The first half each team plays both sides once against another team. Coin flip determines who plays what side first. Both sides play on the same map.

Each win you get for Monster or Hunters is worth 2 prestige points. A draw means both teams get 1 point. After each round (Where both sides play once) you then get paired up swiss style with people of similar prestige points. Ties are broken by strength of schedule. After a certain amount of games (Depending on number of players) there is a cut to top 4/8/16. Here you have single round games played with double elim. If you get your first loss, you go to the bottom bracket and can still end up coming back. Two losses and your team is out.

Each team plays with the side that they have played least. For instance, you’ve played Monster twice and Hunter once, you have to play Hunter. If both sides ‘tie’ for this side, highest prestige team chooses side/map.


I like 5 man teams though I agree with having a lot of pressure on the monster player being unfair. I don’t have a problem 5 man teams and letting whoever wants to play monster, play monster and switch off at will.


I also highly, strongly dislike bans/picks. If both sides play the same map who cares if it is/isn’t balanced. The better teams will still emerge. I also think blind pick is just fine.


@MaddCow I could see your view point, It does add a lot of pressure on your monster to get those wins and secure a good push for their hunters!


I feel it’s actually less pressure, and more worrysome for the 4 Hunters. 4 people are putting all of their team’s results on 1 person. Pressure or not, that isn’t really teamwork imo. Even in baseball the pitcher still bats with the team.