Evolve Competitive Ruleset Brainstorming


Just wanted to have a go at coming up with a competitive system for Evolve tournaments based on what I’ve seen so far.

Competitive Evolve Match Setup

Gamemode: Hunt (Default Mode)
Roster Size: 5 Players per Team
Number of Rounds: Best of 3
Map Pool: TBC

Match Progression:

In Round 1 each team submits 1 player as their Monster Player (MP).
The other four players are then the Human Team (HT).
The MP from each team joins on the opposing HT.
The MP from each team picks the map.
The map begins.

Match Results:

The objective of the Hunt gamemode is for the HT to kill the MP or for the MP to kill the HT, at Stage 3 evolution the MP can also destroy the Power Relay to win the match.
The winner of the round (ie. MP1 vs HT2 VS MP2 vs HT1) is the team who wins the round within the fastest time.

Scenario 1: MP1 defeats HT2. HT1 defeats MP2. Team 1 wins the round.

Scenario 2: MP2 defeats HT1. HT2 defeats MP1. Team 2 wins the round.

Scenario 3: Both HTs defeat the enemy MP. The HT who did it fastest wins round for their team.

Scenario 4: Both MPs defeat the enemy HT. The MP who did it fastest wins the round for their team.

Time Bonuses:

If the MP reaches Stage 2, 2 minutes are removed from the total round time.
If the MP reaches Stage 3, an additional 3 minutes are removed from the total round time. (5 minutes total).
If the MP destroys the Power Relay, an additional 3 minutes are removed from the total round time. (8 minutes total).

Scenario 3: HT1 kills MP2 in 4 minutes 25 seconds at Stage 1. HT2 kills MP1 in 12 minutes 3 seconds at Stage 2 (Time = 10m 3s). Team 1 wins the round.

Scenario 4: MP1 kills HT2 in 8 minutes 23 seconds at Stage 1. MP2 Kills HT1 in 13 minutes 15 seconds at Stage 3 (Time = 8m 15s). Team 2 wins the Round.

Scenario 5: Both MPs destroy the enemy Power Relay the MP who did it fastest wins the round.

Scenario 6: MP1 kills HT2 in 7 minutes 45 seconds at Stage 2 (Time = 5m 45s). MP2 destroys the Power Relay of HT1 in 15 minutes 32 seconds (Time = 7m 32s). Team 1 wins the Round.

Scenario 7: A draw occurs where the Round Time is the same for both teams (very unlikely). Both teams are awarded a win for the round.

Scenario 8: HT2 defeats MP1 in 12 minutes at Stage 2. HT1 defeats MP2 by reaching the match time limit. Team 2 wins the round.

Scenario 9: Both matches reach the match time limit. The MP who did most damage to Power Relay wins the round for their team. If neither MP damages the Power Relay it’s a draw.

Round 2 Start:

In Round 2 each team submits 1 player as their new Monster Player (MP) (cannot be the same MP as before).
The other four players are then the new Human Team (HT).
The MP from each team joins on the opposing HT.
The MP from each team picks the map. (cannot be the same map as before)
The map begins.

Final Match Results

Screenshots of the victory/defeat screen and match length should be submitted at the end of the round.

First team to 2 Round Wins wins the best of 3. If both teams are 1-1 a third round is played to determine the winner (see Round 2 Start). In the situation where after 3 rounds and every round was a draw, all players should submit a lottery ticket on that day as you will be guaranteed to win a lot of money.

This tournament system should ensure games are fast paced and exciting with clear winners each time. It would also work as a best of 5, (ie for an epic Tournament Final) where each player on the 5-man roster must play 1 of the Rounds as the Monster.

Thoughts on this system? Improvements? What systems have you seen that work better? Is there already a system implemented in Evolve for tournaments?

TheDGL.org Evolve PC Beta Tournament
TheDGL.org Evolve PC Beta Tournament

I really recommend the way that Netrunner runs their Asymmetrical card game. There are two parts to the tournament.

The first is swiss pairing. First match is randomized as to who plays what. The players then decide who will play which side, if neither agrees it’s randomized via coin flip or whatever. That game is then completed. WInner gets 2 points. They then swap sides. Winner of this game gets 2 points. Once the first Match (2 Games) is complete, results are tallied and the highest score played is paired with the second highest player that they haven’t played yet. This continues generally between 4-6 Matches before a final cut of 8/16/32 is established.

It then goes to a double elimination bracket played with single matches. The highest score/seed player is paired with the lowest scored/seeded player. The player who has played the least amount of games for a given side has to play that side. Meaning, if one played has played faction X 2 times and Y 1 time, they need to play Y this time. Ties go to the higher seed player choosing which side they will play. I’ve been playing this competitively for a while and though there are still some slight issues with it, it resolves a lot of issues regarding people playing a stronger faction first and winning because of it.


I would remove the time bonus stuff, since we are talking about competitive play so getting to stage 2 or 3 would be somewhat easy so they would almost always cancel each other out. Maybe make it best of 3 hunts, the team that won the fastest decide if they want to be the hunters or the monster for the 3rd hunt. This assuming one team doesn’t win hunt 1 and 2.


I’m also a fan of the Netrunner style tourney, but I’m also still greatly opposed to having monster team be independent from hunter team :stuck_out_tongue:
There is not one other game on the market where a ‘team’ consists of two separate rosters. There are other asymmetrical games, but they all force a smaller roster so you can’t field a completely different team for both :stuck_out_tongue:

The monster team being comprised of one player doesn’t ‘allow’ us to have it be independent from the hunters, if anything it should go as far as to necessitate the monster being on the hunter team. In a 1v1 asymmetrical game (i.e. net runner) you aren’t going to have teams of 2, where people are specialized for each side… That completely ruins it being an asymmetrical game!


I agree that there is less team camaraderie by having an independent monster playing roughly half your games. This is why I expect to see several different tournament styles down the road :slight_smile:


4v1 Hunt Tournament Rules


Two brackets with 4, 8, 16 or dare I say, 32 entries on each side. (for the sake of the post I will continue on as if the tournament has 8 entries on each bracket)

One bracket has Hunters, the other bracket has Monsters.

To avoid conflicts of interest, you are unable to register on both brackets or be a part of two hunter teams.

Round 1

  • Hunter Team 1 (H1) plays one match against Monster 1 (M1) in a single match.
  • Then, H1 plays M2 and M1 plays H8. This continues on until everyone has played one match with everyone else.
  • The Hunter Teams and Monsters with the top four win/loss record in this round advance to the next round.
    • In the event of a tie for fourth place, the winner is determined by the average match time in winning efforts in the previous round.

Round 2

  • The same round robin tournament structure applies here as well. However, each match consists of 3 games.
    • The winner of two or more gets the point.
  • A different map for each of the three games.
  • The Monster and Hunter Team with the best record in this round, is declared the Hunter Team/Monster Champion and moves on the the final round
  • In the event of a tie for first place, the Monster or Hunter Team will play against the four HT/M that were eliminated in the first round. the winner of this series, continueson tothe final round
    • Matches will consists of one game on a random map
    • To give incentive to the previously eliminated HT/M to plays this round, If the eliminated team beats 2 of the HT/M that are tied, they are guaranteed a spot back in the next tournament.
  • The winning Monster and Hunter Team split the purse five ways

Round 3

  • The top Monster and Hunter Team play a best of five match
  • The first map is chosen randomly. Hunter Team and Monster each choose two maps to round off the 5 maps to be played.
    • Whoever wins the first match in the random map, chooses the next map from the four picked.
  • A winner is crowned

For tournaments of 16 or 32 entrants, place the following two rounds above Round 1

Round A (32)

  • Eight groups of four HT/M play in a single match round robin.
  • The top two HT/M in each group move on to Round B
    • In the event of a tie for second place, the winner is determined by the average match time in winning efforts in the previous round.
      Round B (16)
  • Four groups of four HT/M play in a single match round robin. (see below for how groups are reformed)
  • The top two HT/M in each group move on to Round 1
    • In the event of a tie for second place, the winner is determined by the average match time in winning efforts in the previous round.

Group Reformation for Round B
The top two HT/M in each numbered group form the lettered
Group 1 + Group 2 = Group A
Group 3 + Group 4 = Group B
Group 5 + Group 6 = Group C
Group 7 + Group 8 = Group D

I strongly believe that this tournament format, or another close to it, is the best way to honor the 4v1 concept that TRS had envisioned. No monster is stuck relying on a Hunter team to move on (or vis versa) You are not burdened with this in regular play, why start in the tournament?


To be honest these aren’t really rules it’s just how the competition would be played.


I just keep comparing it to net runners and other asymmetrical games thinking “It would make 0 sense there, why would people stand for it here” ^^;


Because while I think 4v4 is good for determining who is the best Evolve player, I also strongly believe that there are some who just want to play Hunters and some who just want to play Monsters. The biggest offender being the Monster. It’s essentially a Lone Wolf role. As such, I can see a LOT of legit Monster players not entering tournaments with other teams. Why should half the games be with 4 other players I don’t care about, or why should the Hunters care about somoene who is directly involved with half the games. I don’t think we’ll see a better Hunter team outside of a 4v4 format, but I can easily see a better Monster. (If that makes sense)

The biggest reason is the 4v1 format and not the Asymmetry at that point.


Yes, but that is such childish and illogical reasoning.

You think people don’t exist that only want to play one side of netrunner? Sure there are, but we don’t even THINK of them in competitive play because that ISN’T what the game is about.

Sure, there will be ladders and such for them. But they aren’t competing in ACTUAL evolve, they are only competing in half of the game…

It’s their CHOICE to only play half the game. Why would everyone else put training wheels on tournies for them…


We’re talking COMPETITIVE PLAY. It’s simply not for everyone.


Actually, I do know people that only want to play one side, my wife being one of them. So please stop trashing people’s opinions and attitudes because they don’t match yours. What you see as “Childish and illogical” is nothing more than a difference of opinion.

Why exclude people from the game because they only like one side? Hell, Football alone has Offensive and Defensive players, it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy football nor should they not be allowed to complete. Should we exclude the because they only play one ‘side’ of the game? Of course not.


Sorry for the triple post but I missed this point…

If the biggest point is the 4v1 and not Asymmetry, the think of counter strike, or any other game, and picture the other half playing with half the members. Would people say “oh yeah, since this counterstrike match is 8v4 we should field a different 4 players in the second round”?
I reaaalllly can’t see that. People just don’t seem to be thinking it through.

Is it the asymmetry? or the 4v1? Because either way it wouldn’t be like that in other games.
The only reason people want it is because they think it’ll give their team an advantage, or they are cheating the system, since most games allow subs and for evolve they could maximize their teams specialties by specializing. But that’s completely against the competitive spirit and the concept of evolve, so rules can just basically counter that and noone would think twice.


It’s not only wanting to play one side thats childish and illogical, it’s people thinking they can do that and compete.

I know people who want to only play one side as well, and there’s NOTHING wrong with that, but does your wife think “I’m going to be the best in the world”? or “I’m going to only play the side I have the most fun with”.


If this was true we wouldn’t have designated Kickers in Football. People DO specialize in any way they can. Relay racing is similar, you have people specialize at different points in the relay. It’s why you DO have offense and defense sides. People specialize all the time yet are still considered a team. The only reason this is even being discussed is because the nature of the Monster is 1 player playing half the games that determine your entire team’s win/loss.


My wife, no, but others, yes. Some people are like that.


And one of the 4 can specialize in monster, not like he’d bring down the 3 others THAT much on the hunter team :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course some people are like that… and there’s ladders for that… But an evolve tournament is supposed to be something more.


Which is why I’ve mentioned many, MANY times that I can see many different types of tournaments for this game. I’m not sure why you are still debating about that.


I think I like a 5v5 format (4 hunters + 1 monster) like they did at the conventions and the like. It allows an evenly distributed team member count and also allows someone to focus entirely on being a monster or a hunter on the team. Although I do think that if you do play competitively (like, really competitively), then you should be able to play both sides effectively, as otherwise you would not be playing the entire game (only half). Just an opinion.


The dgl - stuff continues in here?.. great…