Evolve Community Tournament!


I hope he’s not aware of this forum, but I had to warn you all anyway.





I have removed the link as to not name and shame like you mentioned. I’d probably message the creators of the tournament privately if you have any other worries about potential cheaters. :slight_smile:

It sounds like this tournament will have a good turn out though. Can’t wait to see how it goes. :grin:


Yeah I’m right here so don’t need to worry, I’ve been warned and will keep an eye out for him :wink: .


Explanation of rules and point system video.


Hello, I’ve talked about most the questions that could happen to be unanswered and some more in the video. Also right now the biggest thing is that EVERY SINGLE FREE AGENT has to be at our discord: https://discord.gg/GYS4VF8 . This I mentioned in the video but at the time of creating it, we didnt have one yet. You might ask why? Well its simple, free agents will go onto RANDOM teams (unless they will want to team up with someone), and we need to know who wants to play what, so we dont put 5 monster players in one team and make the game unenjoyable for them. So please everyone join our discord channel! Link above :slight_smile: . I also wanted to thank the community for OVERWHELMING attention that we’ve gotten. There’s already 7 teams in the tournament, counting free agents teams that will happen. Thank you very much, love you guys <3.


Man feels so good to be able to see a competitive event after so long.

Are you gonna stream all the games or just the finals?


We are gonna try to stream as many games as possible, its round-robin so we wont be able to stream every single one unless we want the tournament to take 20~ hours or something, but yeah some of the admins will have possibility of streaming so different channels for different games



Tourney begins in 2 hours officially. Unsure who may be streaming some games atm but players need to ready up by the official tourney time.


My team is ready right now and I’m alone in my house, I’m free to do whatever I want (actually, no. I’ll just play on my computer).

My profile picture is so edgy, I like it.


Waiting on Salwerkas to send me the first two teams that are competition ready.


Here are streams that you guys will be able to watch games on:

Salwerkas - https://www.twitch.tv/salwerkas
Cherry - https://www.twitch.tv/ch3rrypl4y


Today are the finals for the tourney!
Salwerkas is streaming live now…

https://www.twitch.tv/ salwerkas


What the hell? That’s Nemerod’s Elder Kraken, the guy who got disqualified. It’s also the cover for his group called “Evovle stage 3: Origin”. Anyway, I left him because of some bullshit.


All I know is Nemerod crafted this image for today’s tourney and will be the one donating the $100 to the winning team.


Finals are beginning!


sooooOOOOOOooooooo SAD that my hard drive took a dump right before the tourney…

booo… boooo


It will be in archive i’m sure.


Who won in the end? Nab Tactics I suppose.