Evolve Community Tournament!


I’m a bit unsure if I should participate in the tourney,is it a tourney for fun?


For now it is a tourney for fun…although if there is continual interest this will most likely change and prizes/trophies can be offered.


I’d rather use biome specific skins for stealth advantage instead if it’s supposed to be competitive.



Click here------> Evolve Tournament 14 April 2018

This is the discord link: https://discord.gg/Ar6dnhU

For any problems you can contact Salwerkas, Cherry, Louvon (Yumiich) or SledgePainter on that server.

discord: https://discord.gg/Ar6dnhU

Spread the voice.


How would people check in the hour before the tournament started?


There will be an option for that on battlefy, its gonna pop up in your face pretty much so no worries :P.
Also here’s a discord link for tournament: everything will be talked through in there, a special channel for free-agents and teams as well https://discord.gg/q9FE32J


ok,should I add you on steam for the tournament? sorry for all the questions I’m a bit new to the competitive scene.


Yeah there’ll be the time when you’ll have to add certain admin that will go into your game with you, no worries everything will be explained in the upcoming days :slight_smile:


Also here’s a little trailer to hype you guys up:


Nice to see so many people signed up so far! Thanks for hosting a tournament! I keep having waves of “Evolve depression” every few weeks so I’d be super happy to participate in this. <3 I hope there’s continued interest, too.


Holly crap Aramet, it’s been an eternity since I haven’t seen you. By the way, you probably haven’t noticed it, but your own sprites of Daisy are now official sprites for the forum :daisy_normal:


Haha hello! I didn’t notice, that’s awesome!! Awww! <3 :maneater_daisy: :victory_daisy: Don’t wanna get too off-topic here but thanks for telling me that, really cheered up my afternoon. :grin:


Tournament video has been posted on my YT page if anyone wants to see. Also some details in the description. I didn’t make it btw, just helping to spread the word.

I think my team can play but I’m away until the afternoon of the 15th so might not be able to play any games. If this goes well enough though I’m hoping it can become a regular thing. Maybe once a month.


We met someone who had a win streak of 242, he was using cheats (auto wall-jump, aimbot, targeted traversals on hunter, etc…) as a Gorgon. He said he’ll be the “winner” of the tournament, so that means he’s willing to join the tournament. Do not let him join it!

@SledgePainter, @Terepin, @Foxtrot94 and me are all witness of his behavior.

Edit: I know it’s against the rules to blame and shame on the forum, but this is to prevent the tournament from being ruined.

Mod edit: Removed Steam profile link of suspected cheater.


It’s fine for him to join. If he is cheating it will be obvious for the caster and viewers and we can kick him out there and then. If he is cheating it’s also useful to get an idea for what cheats he is using based on his gameplay


Wish I had recorded that match.


easy solution. if he cheats, record it and report to tournament moderators.
Otherwise, he should be allowed to compete.


Foxtrot was ready to record, but the cheater left the lobby. He called us “dumb” anyway before leaving. We had only 1 game against him and it was when we weren’t recording. Sledge tried to screenshot the 242 win-streak, but she said the screenshot was failed.


No worries about cheaters, every game will have admin in it so it will be caught and every player will insantly be warned, after warning if they persist on using cheats they will be banned :).


Plot twist: The Cheater is reading these messages right now