Evolve Community Tournament!


Please see the link for details!

*New* Evolve Community Tournament: 14 April 2018

Hi everyone, I am one of the co-creators of this tournament, if you have any questions about it, hit me up here or in unofficial evolve discord :slight_smile:


Curious whether this tournament will be streamed or not.


Assuming its pc?


Damn I didnt type it in, the tournament will be played only on PC, I dont own xbox or PC so that would be a problem :p. Thanks for reminding! Also most matches will be streamed by me, I wont self-plug myself but under rule 1.7 you can find the link on tournament page.


Also we had to change the date to next week. That would be 4/14/2018. One of the major teams wouldn’t be able to be present this week thus the change.


I am slightly confused on the discord it says the 7th but on the tournament page it says the 14th, is the 14th the U.S date?


4/14/2018 is U.S. Format for dates yes, we changed the date from 7th to 14th because of some teams not being able to get themselves together in that short notice. 14th April is the correct date.


Will this be streamed on Twitch?


thanks, I have one more question. What is a free agent? Thanks again


Free agent is a person that doesn’t have a team but also wants to play in tournament, we’ll be making teams out of free agents that signed up


It will be, on my channel, on tournament page you can check my channel under rule 1.7.


So how do these work for Monster players?


They kill the Hunter team, destroy the relay or die? :joy:


well, ive always played monster… so I don’t really belong in a team.


Oh I see what you mean. Teams consist of hunters & Monsters. If you are freelancing, then they group up people as best as possible. Usually teams have 4 hunters + 1 monster. Some tournies have 4 Hunters with one of the hunters being a monster, but most of the time it’s 5 players per team. So you’ll need to join a team or freelance and hope you get picked up?


Exactly how it’s gonna work, we’ll make a discord channel for the tournament so free agents can talk to each other and get teams sorted out.


Ok, thanks for organizing it. now I have to dust off the boulder and roll over some hunters.



Get your best skins out for the tourney!