Evolve Community Tournament on XboxOne Sunday, March 13


The Evolve community tournament is on this weekend for Xbox One. Bring your team and test your skills or come alone, get placed on a team and make some new friends on the game. The rules for this tournament are that you can’t use the same hunter/monster in the same series of games. This will make it so we don’t have to see the same teams played every game and the team with the most versatility will take home the win. The winning team will receive 5 Evolve t-shirts. I’ve made a few designs, so the winners will get to choose from those or tell me what they would like to see put on the shirt and I will try my best to make it happen. @SuperBadJuJu
Click the link to go to battlefy.com make an account if you don’t already have one and then join the tournament!

If you have any questions message the xb1 gamertag alexandrkickass or email me at alex_titans_rock@hotmail.com



Heres a look at some of the designs for the shirts, for the winning team!

Click the above photo to see the rest of the designs. There will be more to come!


What would the EST Time be for the tournament?


I don’t know.

What I do know is, when you’re interested in playing in that tournament, you can create a battlefy account and as long as you are logged in it automatically shows you the time in your timezone :slightly_smiling:


Dayum, these shirts are insanely violent lol


I think you may want to give teams at least a week’s notice for the tourney, to ensure a solid turn out. Also, do you have admins set up? We’ve found having multiple behind the scenes people helping out with tourneys is darn near essential. I would delay a bit and really hit the promotion hard. Get some XBOX streamers to talk it up, maybe send out a media email for them to help promote with. Also double check it’s not going to land on the same day as Quickshot, Community Battlefy or Shear Violence. Finally, I would think up a unique and snazzy name for it :smiley:


The T-Shirts are a nice prize. When they’re done, could you take some snapshots of them so we can see the final product? It would just be nice to see them before the tourney so we can see what they look like :smile:

Will be keeping an eye on this tourney :smiley:


Confirmed. Does not conflict with QS. Best of luck with the tourny. :slight_smile: I’ll be watching :slightly_smiling:


Yo we’re the only team signed up and nobody will be on because we thought it was 2 hours later


YEEEEESSSS!! I NEED the Emet shirt!!


EST is one hour ahead of CST.

Soooo 1pm EST for this bad boy


I’ve got my team all on board! I’m hype as shit for this! Especially since I can say that I have a team! A full team that has played together before and done well. With my last “team”, I only knew one of the team members and hadn’t played with the other 2 people…


Anybody need a teammate let me know beardo702 on xbox


As of right now, no teams and no free agents have signed up for the tournament, if this does not change by tomorrow night then the tournament will be canceled or rescheduled

Update: not enough teams have joined, the tournament is canceled.