Evolve Community Tournament Group looking for admins/moderators!


Hello everyone,
I am one of the hosts for upcoming tournament at saturday, right now we have insane amount of free agents we will need to get more admins for our games (every game needs an admin present). If any of you guys are up, either PM me here (if you can, dunno im new) or join our discord server and talk to any of the admins there after getting your role.
What will you need to do:

  1. I’ll walk you through for what you will have to watch out for in game, so no worries about that.
  2. You’ll need to be able to stay for whole tournament or at least most of it (8 PM CEST Saturday)
  3. Streaming capability would be a nice addition, though not neccesary.
    Thanks for everyone who will contact us!


Tagging @MaddCow


I’d have to check, but Saturday might not be good for me. I think I have family things happening. I’ll let you know once I hit up the wifey :smiley:


I have a picnic to go to on Saturday, but if it’s going to be at night, I should be available.


Add me on discord Salwerkas#8938 , if we’ll need you to replace someone later on ill catch you, are you eu or na?


NA, and I’ll go ahead and add you in a minute.


Bumping this because we need people.


I would but I got work Saturday night :sweat:


Hey if you need a Trapper for Hunt I’m your guy! Just add me on Xbox @CelticJolt