Evolve Community Tournament 2.0 Final Chance for Prize! (Next: 06/25/16-- Registration Open)


The 3rd Saturday of every month we will be holding a Community Battlefy Tournament!

This tournament will be Saturday, June 25th at 10am PT
Don’t know when that is in your time zone? Click here

Which platforms? PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4

Sign up now! Or click here for more details

Don’t be scared, we want to see everyone join in and participate. And if the thrill of competition isn’t enough, there’s an exclusive skin on the line that you can only get for making to the semifinals.

This weekend’s tourney will be the LAST CHANCE to win the Cabot Inifinity Skin before it is locked up in the vault! This is also the FINAL version of this tourney. Next community tournament will be a bit different…:wink:

The Cabot Infinity Skin:

Looking forward to seeing your mad skillz.

-TRS & 2K Community team

Give All Tourney Participants the Skin
We need a monster [XB1]
Hi, direct me towards the tournaments, please?
What does evolve mean with check in on battlefly
LFG PS4 for 22nd Aug Community Tournament!
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Wut iz diz… battefly? Never heard of it see O.o


Shall i try to enter…



Talha. Get me your finest medic and trapper.
#We’re going in.


3AM Sunday morning.

Somebody kill me! :slight_smile:


So cool!!!
-Sees dates-
It has to be the weeks I can’t play.
Edit: Good thing I already have the siin.



That moment… when you realize… your on your own ;-;

Dude below me… Is mocking me >.<


Oh sweet I should try! remembers i have no friends :sob:

Not mocking the dude above me I just have no friends


Maybe… Just maybe, it’s time to put my Walter Whities back on and return for some community fun.


That might conflict with the finals for ESL this month (unless there aren’t any).


another tournament requiring a team


Another tournament I can’t compete in. :frowning:


So skins are now going to be locked behind tournament win walls? Well… There goes my complete collection of community released skins. ^.-

Slightly annoyed that skins are going to be unobtainable to a large percentage of the playerbase now.


ESL teams can’t compete


So those without a team…like me, can’t get the skin :sweat::cry: sad life


where does it say this lol.


This I can get on board with