Evolve Community Teamspeak Again! :) - dL - Link


Since I just got news there is no NDA, this means I don’t need to be a stickler with the teamspeak info! :smile:

Here is our teamspeak info guys, it’s pretty empty as it’s dedicated for Evolve but it’ll fill up during alpha. I know A LOT of people that got single use codes off the forums so we’re all pretty stoked!

TS info:

Last alpha, the devs stopped by and played with the community and got feedback, some even idled. We had a solid active group in the teamspeak last time and I can only expect that we will have even more this time.

This teamspeak is sponsored and provided by Oorah Gaming. It is open to anyone. If you are starting a team up and need your own private and public team channels let me know and we can hook you up fo’ free!

Public Evolve Teamspeak?
So, what's with the curse voice partnership?

Thanks! Already had some nice chats with a few of the forum users.


Cool! Let’s do it!


I’ll be there too. Thanks man!


In which timezone do you live?


I live in PST, California, USA

It was nice talking to those of you who came around! I don’t always idle in there but I will be there definitely next week. When Evolve gets released, I’ll be in there all the time!


GMT +4… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m online right now… and a guy called “alex”, maybe @Alex_Versnel? :smile:


Yeah that’s probably him. Just listen to his voice, he has a unique accent.


He’s afk, I’m all alone. :smile:


i will be online in 2 hours. maybe we could play some games together=?! Any suggestions?


looking forward to meeting/talking to all you guys :smile:


Had to leave early today, should be online for a while tomorrow!


I’m often hanging out in the channel during the day (european time GMT) . Feel free to drop in and ask questions or discuss Evolve!


Comeon on it in talking to Alex ( the other one ) and kingpin.


I’ll be in it for most the alpha!


I work Monday through Friday 11am-9 PM EST (I’m west coast, California) - Most of europe is 5-6 hours ahead of the times I listed, so I’m usually home on weekdays at 2 or 3 am European time :’(

I did take the Friday of the Alpha off though so I will be on bright and early then!



10char :smile:


I’ll be online today! ~3 pm (GMT+2)


IP changed, just a heads up

@L1NK you might want to edit the post so people don’t try going to the old address by mistake.