Evolve Community PS4

First and all Hi people, so i have an idea i hope you guys like it to create a community on PS4 for and in honor of Evolve.
The name will be “Evolve Worldwide Community” it is something new for the playstation (came with the last update), i would like if you guys agree and join so we can chat, debate, meet and play together, the full Evolve community.
Thank you for your time and i hope you guys like my idea and join.
Have a nice day


@Sentry_Gun I think this is a duplicate thread and that you merged the other one.

He was being salty because his previous one got merged into another one so he made his original one again, and so we have this one.

what duplicate haha, man I’m just doing my own, i update my ps4 this morning i saw that thing of community now so i was like cool I’m going to make my own community for evolve (my favorite game) and what place is better to do it than the actual forums from Evolve. Theres no duplicate at all here man, just i normal guy try to like i said there “chat, debate, meet and play together” i game that i love.

Thanks for your understanding, no problem at all just don’t do it again.


no salty at all man I’m not trying anything whoever wants to join awesome, if not no problem.

I didn’t know you could make other ones, well, my apologies and good luck with this one.

Although I have to say that I pinned the other thread since it came first and thus, it’s getting more replies, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to merge them.

But again, good luck buddy :smile:

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