Evolve Community Montages! [Send Your Epic Evolve Moments Here!]


Start the second video at 6:55.

Start the third @ 2:45.

I pulled off some nice Abductions with Wraith one time. That same match was a also close, but to show that would take up around 10 minutes, so I’ll just show the Abductions.


…my favorite

Edit: Found the perfect video that is both devastating and timed perfectly. Not sure if it’s good for a montage though:

Edit Edit: Found 2 more videos I have grizzle:


A second away from getting back in and winning the match.

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The Quick Shot trailer was awesome so I’m looking forward to these montages! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Wish I could contribute too, but I can’t record gameplay.


This isn’t me in the video, BUT, these guys got one of the coolest domes I had ever seen. :smile:


I got some footage from a while back, but not sure if it’s any useful with my own layer of editing already slapped on top.


Grizzle, if you were looking for work… why didn’t you say something… I can find things for you to do that dont involve swimming in a pond… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am listening?


Those are actually really dope its a shame you don’t have the raw clips


Double hunter slam:

Monster bush hiding:

Orbital barrage, finished off by a Nomad:

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Hey I’ll pitch in! If I can help ya make this montage, you better make it badass my man lol


Close monster win!

Daisy killing a minion and healing herself lol.

A funny rock throw against a pub!

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Pssst, your last link is the same as Daisy’s.

Also, good dog Daisy, good dog.


Fixed. Thanks for the heads up! :grin:


@SpaceStationCrew, did you ever get the Shear Violence vids up? I know I had a couple crazy close games.


Their YouTube channel was deleted and those videos unfortunately will probably not go up :frowning: the only games from that tournament that are up and will probably ever be up are our games on pures channel :confused:


Well i remembered those vids now.


Haha thanks for the mention @GrizzleMarine my team and I appreciate it :wink:

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I really wanted that video of us and you had a bees dick of health!