Evolve Community Montages! [Send Your Epic Evolve Moments Here!]


Hey everyone!

You may or may not be aware I love making edits for Evolve such as the Quick Shot trailer and would love to make some stuff that involves YOU.

I have seen this done with other competitive multilayer games and are extremely entertaining to watch which is why I would love to do the same with Evolve.

So what is this?

I would like to set a few themes for some Evolve montages and if you happen to have or get any clips of yourself doing something epic in the game to post it here in which I will add to a montage with some badass music for everyone to enjoy.

What kind of clips am I looking for?

Well I have a few ideas but I will start with several I would like some clips for. If this gets a good response and I get a decent amount of clips then I will add more montage ideas to the mix.

Clips I am looking for at this current time:

  • Close Games/Draws - If you have or get any insanely close games or draws that are pretty heart pounding be sure to share it! I preferable want something that is only 30 seconds but can be up to 2 minutes if its good.

  • Epic Domes - This could be anything that involves the dome as long as it is exciting. Maybe a dome misses you ridiculously closely or maybe it prevents the monster from finishing off a team mate!

  • Fails/Funny Moments - Everyone has that one funny or dumb moment where something completely backfires. This could be anything from you getting sat down by a mammoth bird to walking straight up past a sneaking monster without noticing as long as it is entertaining.

  • Hank Orbital Pros - We have all had that one orbital that is just devastating and perfectly timed. Be sure to share that moment although this doesn’t have to be related to damaging the monster if you have a better or more creative clip that involves Hanks orbital!

  • Lazarus Clutch Revives- Any clips involving Lazarus picking up a body right under the monsters nose or even witnessing this as monster.

  • Rock Throw Snipes - As Goliath if you hit any distant or incredible rock throws be sure to share them! I am of course looking for incredible rock throws that may be from a far distance, it may be even a double kill and killing 2 birds with 1 stone! Just be creative and make sure its not something you see every game.

Have somthing different you want to share?

If you have something else that is cool but doesn’t come under any of those categories Be sure to share it as it may be useful for a future montage or just in general a great video.

The clips also don’t have to be from your point of view! For instance you playing monster and happen to have an insane orbital rain down on you it would still make for a awesome clip! This means entering some clips that you viewed someone else doing in observer or while playing a different character would still be sweet. (this may mean its someone else’s fail you are entering not yours)

Lastly, If your clip has any audio of other players or your own reaction it would make it all the better! Its great to see that wow factor you get when you pull something cool off.

How to Send a Clip?

I would like to receive anyone’s clips in a specific way to make things as easy and best quality as possible:

  1. How to send a clip - I would like it the best quality possible so preferable a downloadable file but if not feel free to upload it to you tube in 1080p and I will judge if it is good enough quality to download and use. Either post it below this thread or you can DM the linked video to my You tube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQyQU_iVXIwz3t7YqbRkERg

  2. Don’t make it too long!- I understand some situations can be classed as intense or epic but it needs to be quick and snappy to get on to the next clip. I understand not everyone has access to editing software so if you for instance give me a whole game play leave information about where the action is in that video so I can easily find it and cut it down.

  3. Title the video which montage you are entering the clip for so I know what to look for.
    example- Assault vs Goliath Draw!

  4. Send recent footage. You may have had some insane win back in the beta but I would preferably like it to relate to today’s mechanics and not have that 5 second dome or 5 poons in the monsters bum.

Note: This has no end date which means the videos may be out quickly or take a long time depending on what I get sent. That means you have all the time in world to enter something you might already have or you may pull off something cool 2 weeks from now!

Again if this gets a good response more will be made and will involve suggestions from you guys that may involve many other epic things happing in game.

So thats it! I look forward to putting together some really epic or just funny clips for everyone’s pleasure!

Here is some examples of the sort of thing I will be creating:

@Torvald_Stavig You made it in this one :stuck_out_tongue:

A Quick Question

Welp, you’ll find no epic wins in my clips…but once as Val I had a Mammoth Bird come to my aid after being downed by Goliath.


Still a better love story than twilight


Start the second video at 6:55.

Start the third @ 2:45.


I pulled off some nice Abductions with Wraith one time. That same match was a also close, but to show that would take up around 10 minutes, so I’ll just show the Abductions.


…my favorite

Edit: Found the perfect video that is both devastating and timed perfectly. Not sure if it’s good for a montage though:

Edit Edit: Found 2 more videos I have grizzle:


A second away from getting back in and winning the match.


The Quick Shot trailer was awesome so I’m looking forward to these montages! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Wish I could contribute too, but I can’t record gameplay.


This isn’t me in the video, BUT, these guys got one of the coolest domes I had ever seen. :smile:


I got some footage from a while back, but not sure if it’s any useful with my own layer of editing already slapped on top.


Grizzle, if you were looking for work… why didn’t you say something… I can find things for you to do that dont involve swimming in a pond… :stuck_out_tongue:


I am listening?


Those are actually really dope its a shame you don’t have the raw clips


Double hunter slam:

Monster bush hiding:

Orbital barrage, finished off by a Nomad:


Hey I’ll pitch in! If I can help ya make this montage, you better make it badass my man lol


Close monster win!

Daisy killing a minion and healing herself lol.

A funny rock throw against a pub!


Pssst, your last link is the same as Daisy’s.

Also, good dog Daisy, good dog.


Fixed. Thanks for the heads up! :grin:


@SpaceStationCrew, did you ever get the Shear Violence vids up? I know I had a couple crazy close games.


Their YouTube channel was deleted and those videos unfortunately will probably not go up :frowning: the only games from that tournament that are up and will probably ever be up are our games on pures channel :confused: