Evolve Commercial seems to mislead some people


I’m posting this here because as of today EvolveWiki.com has received 4 emails from different people whom believe or asked us about the game being only on Xbox One.

Apparently the commercial that airs ends with the Xbox logo and this is making some people assume the game is an Xbox Exclusive. This is something TRS Marketing may wish to look at.


More fault on 2K than TRS, if I’m not mistaken.


Yep. 2K’s marketing has really hurt this game.


Meh. Common industry practice by Microsoft/Sony. Not the first and won’t be the last time


@macman Might want to update evolvegame.com’s mainpage with a little bar thing that states what all it’s on (pc, ps4, bone)


Seems to happen a lot nowadays, of course Destiny had the same thing where every single commercial had it marketed for the PS4 with a stinger at the end. Heck recently, the re-release of GTA V on current gen had commercials directly stating to get it for the PS4.

Silly stuff, really, on both ends!