Evolve collectors edition/limited edition etc


So overall i want to hear what kind of ideas people have for the limited edition of the game (if there will be one) my own idea was this: Goliath skin, Goliath figure, artbook, something about the hunters would also cool and a physical map of the first map. Now i know there will be already a preorder skin for Goliath but i think limited edition skin would be something very special and rare.


Goliath figure!



YEP would be awesome :D!


I’m a fan of more creative Collector’s Editions. I have plenty of figures and stuff already, for Evolve I’d love to see something out of the box (and not in-game locked-up items like so many companies do). Put a plastic plant that is reminiscent of the plants on that planet in with the CE, something crazy like that. :smile:


I hope that Turtle Rock will release a limited edition of Evolve. I am waiting with my pre-order till I know for sure.


I did the Same think dude :D!


Actually i hope they do something out of the box but then every limited edition has se figures and everything but those games does not interest me thats why i hope this has those things its for far the only limited edition im interested in… But i get your point unusual game has to have unusual limited edition :D!


personally, i don’t want anything physical. If i would order a collector’s edition, i think the primary purpose would be to support the studio, and a secondary purpose would be to show off that i got the collectors edition to other players. I think a exclusive skin or set of exclusive skins would be the best way to show off to other players that you bought the collectors edition. I also think if it was just a in game skin, it could make the studio look money grubbing if it cost a lot more than retail, and if it wasn’t a lot more, the exclusivity wouldn’t exist. I think a good way around this would to have a percentage of the collector’s edition money going to charity. I think ideally a collector’s edition would be something like 300% retail cost, with 1/2 of the money going to a charity and then some special in game skin(s). So if its going to start retail at $50, ce $150, and $75 of that going to charity. So the higher cost makes the skin more exclusive and something to show off, the charity money means your contributing to a great cause, and then you’re also supporting the developer more than someone that just ordered the regular retail version.


Sounds like a very good plan indeed! :smiley:


I also would like the ingame stuff more skins would be best to show off out love to turtle rock studios :)!!


Well in that case, you’ll definitely want to pre-order to get the in-game Monster Expansion Pack! I’m pretty sure most retailers allow you to switch your pre-order if and when collectors editions are announced. Sadly, I do not know at this time if Evolve will have one or not…


I have already done this :wink: and will be very excited when without limited edition i just wanna play it :smiley: can i Test the for you just a little ;D?


You going to be at PAX East this year? :wink:


Sadly i live in finland and money was the issue at the time the tickets were sold :confused: i was gonna but passes but no money :confused: only think ive had even wanted to go was evolve :D!!


I would also like to go too, but however I live in England and I’m sure Turtle Rock would hate to pay for my flight as well as me having to pay for a flight JUST to play Evolve, although that’s some dedication right there. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I’m just looking forward to the (undisclosed) Beta!


I would have payed the price but nu munney X3!


Im hoping I win the contest if not then will have to decide if i have enough money for pax
by the way are they selling tickets still or am i too late


They are sold out eBay is a friend ofcourse im hopina toi for the win on contest :slight_smile: !


I realy hope a collector edition will come, I gonna buy that thing if its including a:

  • Goliath statue figure
  • More Skins or characters (exlusive Collector edition)
  • Art book
  • a book about the Evolve (lore)
  • and the the stuff you get in the Monster expansion pack


Thats exactly how i like it<3