Evolve [Closed Beta]


Awhile ago I got Evolve [Closed Beta] for owning Left 4 dead. I played Evolve for a little bit but shortly after I started playing Evolve it told me that I needed to buy it to play again. I haven’t found any info on this and i am very annoyed because I would like to play it again. I don’t know if this is a bug or if i’m looking for information at the wrong places but if any one could help me that’d be great.


Both the Closed and Open Beta’s were for limited times for balance and playtesting, they have both now ended. The game comes out on the 10th (2 days time in my timezone), so join us on launch :smiley:


Feel free to correct me if I’m getting the wrong idea here, but, yes. Evolve is not a Free to Play game - the open beta was free, but the game itself will cost money.


Thx for the info. Glad I could finnally get this figured out. I hope to join in launch!


Welcome to the club. You’re going to love it here.