Evolve Chess

Basic Game: It’s chess. Exactly the same.
Pawn: A mixture of Level 1 monsters.
Rook: Level 3 Behemoth
Knight: Level 3 Wraith
Bishop: Level 3 Kraken
King: Level 3 Goliath
Queen: Level 2 Goliath

Please make this a thing TRS. I would definately pay for this.


Could even do eggs as pawns :slight_smile: Domes could be the Hunter side pawns.


I have a few problems.

The Pawns should be Minions
The Queen should be a level 3 Goliath
The King should be an Egg
Other pieces should be level 2

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The Queen should be Wraith, since I believe she’s female (or at least referred to as female).


The Queen is also your most valuable piece.

It should be the Goliath, in my opinion

The Queen/King will be the one(s) behind making the monsters. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a cool idea! I would personally go

King: Egg or Nest - valuable and needs protecting
Queen: Stage 3 Wraith - female and highly mobile
Bishop: Stage 3 Kraken - high mobility and can slip between adjacent pieces (the flight)
Knight: Stage 3 Goliath - Makes jumps and leaps
Rook: Stage 3: Beheamoth - big straightforward stone
Pawn: Minions - cannon fodder


Maybe one side could be monsters and the other side hunters, naturally monsters would go first

For example the hunter side could look like
Pawns - 2 of each assault and griffin
Castles - bucket and hank
Bishops - Caria and Laz
King - Cabot
Queen - Val
Knights - Maggie and Abe


Why not make the Pawns the Colonists?


Oh! Oh! Or what about:

King: A Generator
Queen: Medics
Bishop: Trappers
Knight: Supports
Rook: Assaults
Pawn: Colonists

Each hunter would be on their class section, making three characters on their individual piece.

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Was about to say a similar idea in response to @CarNo65 , though I had medic filling both queen and king roles, which thinking about it is weird

Maybe we could have the king be daisy

Cabot is King. Bucket is Queen. Clearly.


I’m reworking it. Daisy is the human’s Queen. Daisy is the most important character after all.

This is how I’d lay it out as well

Does that mean Bucket is a girl, if not, does that mean Cabot and Bucket are… REALLY good friends? :smiley:

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Is that a bad thing?

Uh, the pawns would be hunters :stuck_out_tongue: excuse you

I think this is most logical. Also queen can move the most and it looks like the wraith will be highly mobile.

Not for the monster side. That would be level 1 Goliaths. Daisy is the hunter side queen.

I disagree, a true :monster: controls the hunters the entire game :stuck_out_tongue: