Evolve Chat and Lounge


I have heard some folks mentioning a chat room function for the forum, but I have not been able to find it…how do you get access to it?


I think they were talking about the Chatroom for the Unofficial TRS Forum Gamer’s Group. (Or perhaps the official Evolve Group). The chatroom that’s built into Steam, not one that’s available through a website.


Ahh, I see. I got all excited for a minute there.


If it is on the Steam group, it is what we have been using to chat on there, though we don’t have many topics there. I do recall there being some kind of “lounge” on here mentioned on the regular badge. Nobody I know has found it yet. I’ve poked around a bit and haven’t seen anything.


Shh…no one tell her about the secret club that she’s not invited to… :sweat_smile:


Well myself and some other of the forum members on the TRS Evolve Forum steam group have been in the group chat today.


I tried to enter that chat room several times today but every time I click to Enter the Chat room, or see those who are already in it, nothing happens when I click.


Are you a PC player? If so, I will have to eat your face in the Beta! :smile:


Of course, PC Master Race. And challenge accepted.


I shall go list that challenge in the official thread. Can’t wait.


Added you on Steam.


Got it! Thank you.


That sad moment when nobody is in the Steam group chat of the only Steam group you’re in when you’re home because you work shitty hours. #foreveralone


Which group chat are you in?


Evolve Forums group. I wasn’t actually in it, just never see anyone in it when I visit the page. Haha


Do you wanna be friends on Evolve for gmod



Mother of resses!


Should’ve waited 3 more months.