Evolve characters height?


I noticed the assaults tend to be much taller than everyone else. I was wondering why as I haven’t heard dialogue on this. I assume the hunters besides assaults of course range from 5’8-6’3


I thought I remember reading that Assaults were around 7’, not sure where.


But is there a reason as to why they’re specifically taller than anyone else?


There is a reason why Parnell is taller than anyone else. He was trained in either a low-gravity or high-gravity (I can’t remember which) but his body acclimatized and he grew taller. I think the others are bigger because they carry so much gear. That lightning gun looks kind of heavy :hushed:


They’re on steroids.


High gravity


More than likely it’s just to make them appear more like a tank. I’m sure the story about Parnell is correct, but I doubt every Assault has a specific reason for it, other than just for visuals.


Well Parnell has the story
Torvald has bionic legs.
Markov is wearing a suit that could arguably give him some more height.
And Hyde…well, he is just a very large dude! Haha.

Just ideas, no idea on the validity.


The Assaults ate their vegetables.


maybe Hyde and Markov are from high gravity planets too then?


Hyde is gene modded, that’s where his height comes from.

And Markov is stuffed into a huge suit.


Parnell is 8 feet tall, exactly. He’s from a high gravity planet.

Markov is wearing a giant suit.

Hyde is gene-modded to be bigger and badder.

Torvald has robo-legs.