Evolve Character Tutorials (WIP)


YouTube videos of all the available character tutorials

Please remember each tutorial reflects the game at the time of each character’s release, and almost all have not been updated since.

Gameplay Mechanics/Tips from TRS

Communication https://youtu.be/zOas-JziO8M?list=PLatck8GztLPCcTr0Qylp1MVs3IfJLpPtJ
Fight or Flight https://youtu.be/zx9CHa5djVU?list=PLatck8GztLPCcTr0Qylp1MVs3IfJLpPtJ
Monster Feeding https://youtu.be/EPrJkNMARvo?list=PLatck8GztLPCcTr0Qylp1MVs3IfJLpPtJ
Hunter Jetpack https://youtu.be/eFIxnmFKEPY?list=PLatck8GztLPCcTr0Qylp1MVs3IfJLpPtJ
Hunter Strikes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raX5jy3VIhY&index=5&list=PLatck8GztLPCcTr0Qylp1MVs3IfJLpPtJ


Goliath https://youtu.be/mBmDO3SoIyk https://youtu.be/9O6OOvcxbbk

Meteor Goliath

Kraken https://youtu.be/FqoCY7fajjs https://youtu.be/Gb3EMWmXKgE

Elder Kraken

Wraith https://youtu.be/salwcAul7qE https://youtu.be/sUo09XR6CMM
Behemoth https://youtu.be/O7BVVZTBaCA https://youtu.be/B8T-l0BT1Ao
Gorgon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65fSRglEwnM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hU9BLo093Y



Val https://youtu.be/3YHR63KOffI https://youtu.be/zJ6yV_EArUY

Rogue Val

Lazarus https://youtu.be/UvwaS0diyhI https://youtu.be/4BztN9cu85g
Caira https://youtu.be/AeKBbB84KKw https://youtu.be/SHCWuPCH-3c
Slim https://youtu.be/8eoaUPKUa6o https://youtu.be/rN9sKziIwnQ
Emet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMkuCMXdHJA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD2lFlUAeoY


Hank https://youtu.be/bR8gdzD9pzc https://youtu.be/BHp6KAbpvwU

Tech Sergeant Hank

Bucket https://youtu.be/GNV4xrKglnY https://youtu.be/6OqrhUM5hbk
Cabot https://youtu.be/lRxd7irazBk https://youtu.be/T1-WhUiolDY
Sunny https://youtu.be/9voRDTr3Lbc https://youtu.be/HSaMgyuVztE
Kala https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a_K_8-gQ70 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShMhb6UdIOw


Maggie https://youtu.be/1UUVVKlIibo https://youtu.be/hJA3DVvVB28

Wasteland Maggie

Griffin https://youtu.be/KBIaeGa1oJc https://youtu.be/KvVVemLsKxU
Abe https://youtu.be/yStowESzcm4 https://youtu.be/LjZC1VcR6A0
Crow https://youtu.be/YoAXJdQhlOY https://youtu.be/N7ImuKmTG0o
Jack https://youtu.be/3l9EPY367PE https://youtu.be/l1C2yvY66tI


Markov https://youtu.be/wlY0Jn0iRCA https://youtu.be/Z8_RaROVUz8

Blitz Markov

(Pink) Hyde https://youtu.be/O8J-8QJXYy0 https://youtu.be/l5bPqRNcv1I
Parnell https://youtu.be/2I6ozDfgmI4 https://youtu.be/JMgyum8-5ac
Torvald https://youtu.be/sS5A_esb-T4 https://youtu.be/K5BRf2CME9k
Lennox https://youtu.be/ykwnsOe7Lbs https://youtu.be/PawS0OvSdF0

4 Early YouTube Tutorials

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I think that’s all of them, if you look I believe they just went and made them all public so it looks like there are a ton of new videos on their YT channel when they’ve been there all along :wink:



It’s a shame we don’t have tutorial videos for the adaptations. Maybe we will soon enough though.


It seems as if they’ve just uploaded a bunch of trailers and streams that they didn’t put on their channel as many livestream parts and the proving grounds trailer can be found on there. Also the arena trailer if there as well for some reason.


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What the hell some of these are great! No idea where they were kept but I would have loved this when I first picked up the game. Why are they unlisted?


The goliaths advanced tutorial video is for every monster almost.


All the character tutorials I got the link from the gamechanger Evolve website, and the gameplay tips with Chloe I’m not sure if they were unlisted or not. I just stumbled across them last summer.


Wow, thanks a lot! I bought Kala some time ago, but for some reason I can’t view her tutorials in game, so I thought maybe the devs forgot to put them in or something.


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