Evolve Chalk Drawing


Meant to share this a long time ago when I got it. My cousin drew this for me for my birthday back in August. I’ll upload a closer picture when I get a minute


That’s awesome!


That’s pretty damn cool. Your cousin is a great artist. :slightly_smiling:


Wow! I have seen so many awesome Evolve drawings lately in the forums! This is awesome :bucket_cute:


Here’s the closer one


Man, them Vault Boys and that swag-alicious duck are sweet. I see you also have a camera-shy Steve in the background.


Lol I’ve got soooo much stuff like that around my room


I’ve got a stuffed Darth Vader with bunny ears (from Easter) and the map of Skyrim that came with the Legendary Edition.


Looks good


Like that one in the back?


Yup. That would be it.


You wouldn’t mind if I broke in and took the strength bobblehead… I need one more point to get blacksmith :stuck_out_tongue:


I have that Bunny Vader!