Evolve cancelled in Japan?

Not sure what’s going on. But the game is already a day late for release here in Japan. Steam store says it will release March 4th, but it’s 5am March 5th already.

And no, I didn’t buy the game in Russia or some other BS. I haven’t actually purchased yet, it’s still listed as “Coming Soon” on the Store page.

Not just me either. People on the Steam discussion group who have legitimate copies of the Japanese version of the game are unable to unlock and play.

What gives, guys? I hope the release date wasn’t cancelled or something. Been looking forward to it for so long now.

Everyone in Europe had similar issues on release, Steam seems to not be able to tell the time :frowning:

Okay… thank you!

Maybe someone just forgot to press the “Release” button.

Wake up Turtle Rock! Take our yen!


I’m sure they haven’t cancelled it. Not without letting you know at least lol.

Same issue here. I pre-ordered the game and waited for the Japan delayed release date. It was scheduled for 3AM JST on March 5th (due to the March 4th date being posted in PST), but it is still not online.

All I can say is send in a ticket until something happens.


Goliath, to much simmilarity to Godzilla. So evolve got banned for good?

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I think so. Also, the Japan overmind has begun spreading on the Internet in retaliation. Evolves all around the world are being converted into Hello Kitty Island Adventure. I wonder who is making a profit…

Is there any actual word on this?

Turtle rock isn’t responsible for this they’re not the ones who own steam. Blame valve

i am not an expert on timezones but it is

Wednesday, 04.03.2015

right now, right?

Release is

Zone 4 – Japan
Mar/04/2015 - 10:01 PST

so it is 5 hours late?

I sent a ticket to steam a while back and they said…

Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

We apologize for the delay.

The release date is determined by the region where you are physically located and is not tied to the version of the game you purchased. The publisher or developer of the title determines the release date for their games. Please refer to the Steam Storepage for this title to determine the release date in your region.

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

“It’s not Turtle Rock’s fault…”
and steam is all like
“It’s not my fault…”
and the community is like…
“Blame Steam!”
and I’m like…
“I just want to play :frowning:


holy cow I’m right…

Victoria B., Mar 4, 7:03 PM:

Hello [NINO],

Thank you for contacting 2K support.

I am sorry that you are unable to play Evolve, but I must point you to Steam. They are the one that you would need to talk to and ask why it is that it is still un-released for you. We have released the content but they are the ones who need to release it to you the player. I am sorry for the trouble and inconvenience this has caused you. I thank you for your time and patience.

Best regards,

Victoria B.
2K Support

Nope still too different or else Toho would have ran a lawyer train on TRS ages ago.

Try contacting Steam again?

Steam turned it on… just late. Yaaay!

Grats! Have fun playing!

I would come kill you in Evolve, but i’m not sure I could find you. :wink: