Evolve can really bring out the salt in people


Why couldn’t they had just been fighting over me, like seriously you guys are taking this game too seriously… (See what I did there?

I’m sure you guys have met at least one player like this…


Was that who I think it was on monster?


What the f*** was that xD

guys, guys…
staph it
lets just be friends

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


It just gets silly when it gets to “This is your f***cking life! You’re projecting…”
It’s like, uh what?

And “You’re lucky I didn’t use Kraken or Wraith”…

The salt is real


Yeah, I’ve had my fair share of incidents like this.


You’re projecting
“I’m projecting?”



60% of post game lobbys right here #truth


Probably but I’m not sure… the guy probably changes his name a lot…

I’m a nice guys…

I’ve had far too many, even where people have won they will still be salty about stuff.

It hasn’t been that bad for me, maybe 12% or something and I’m sure a majority of it came from the same two guys, XD


Called it!


Ridiculously so. Nice attempted peacekeeping! Pity the monster was feeling too salty to let it go.

I have to ask tho, was the medic Slim, and the trapper Jack?


“Let’s just be friends” haha

geez, people can get really salty at times.


Hm, I wonder who that was playing monster… who could it possibly be? I HAVE NO IDEA :wink:

I think anybody who plays on PC in NA has played with this guy

Thank the ranking system gods that I no longer have to play against him/with him because he’s too far below me

Now I can reminisce about the days before Hunt 2.0 when he called me a hacker every game I played monster




Oh, this guy. ran into him 1 time and got annoyed af since we had a slim on the team. I now have a vow to use slim every time I see him since he used some very “choice” language to describe us and our medic.

That is how I recognized him in the video, the language.


Haha! That music… Just perfect. xD


Oh this guy… I think we’ve all run into him on a few occasions… Sadly


That was painful to watch. Both the “clever” guy and the salty one.

I can admit that ive been salty before, but that was playing as behemoth right after his release. It was hard not to be.


Does he have a lot of birds?


…Birds o.o?


He sounds like this one guy ive played with that has a loud parakeet in his room all the time.

But Ive only played solo co op with that guy so ive never seen any real salt from him.

Its been a while since I played hunt :(.