Evolve Campaign?


So in recent months ive noticed that evolve has had a massive drop in popularity, I think evolve has enough story in its drop ship dialogue for a full campaign. This is probably my favorite game of this year and im going to stay a fan and play until there is less than 4 people online, I don’t want this game to die, I don’t want a repeat of titan fall or destiny. A campaign might just be what evolve needs to bring it back from the low end of the charts, but no matter what I love this game and nothing will ever change that. thank you 2k and turtle rock for making a game that I can truly enjoy.


They could have 2 campaign types. One that rotates through and tells the story of the hunters, and is against A.I. this would allow for some programmed climatics. The other campaign would be for the monster, kind of like a rampage mode. The 2 would have an over arcing story line. So if the hunter come to a settlement that just got destroyed, one of the monster missions would be to destroy it, allowing for some nice insight into the fall of shear, and maybe other planets too.