Evolve came out today?


I’m not joking, my local game shop just said they have the game! I’m gonna go check it out right now. I am bloody excited! I can feel my blood pumping just from the news!


The stores are giving them away earlier(even tho they shouldn’t) to avoid being late.You won’t be able to play online.Keep it secret and play offline and we won’t rat on you nor send the police

Actually that’s one of the reasons i envy consoles ^^


I guess we are not getting any response because you are playing not giving a shit about anything else.

I envy you :’(


Not yet! I’ll be going out soon and then you will never see me :smile:


Even though they are not allowed to sell it, they certainly will.
The wait is killing me. I will be a wreck until Tuesday.
C’mon devs, please release the Steam version as well.
We promise not to tell 2K about it! :wink:


I smell poo poo.


Well that is frustrating, I am rather jealous ;O

I’ve had this happen once before though, with Dragon Age Origins, they gave it to me a day and a half early.


Welp. He hasn’t been back for eight hours, so I’m assuming he’s either playing the game, or they didn;t have it and he killed himself. @Fluffington Sitrep, brother.


I return… Victorious!


You got it? Fluffy, you must tell us what happened please!


I got my ass kicked by Goliath a few times but it was so worth it!


You have Evolve? :cry:

Ah well. Enjoy yourself, Fluffy. Go kill some Monsters for us.


I will flower! I will slay the Goliath with my pew pew guns! … Tomorrow, I have lost count of how many hours I was on it :sweat_smile: