Evolve Bugs


What kind of bugs have you come across in the game and what are you working to improve on?

What area’s of the game are you most focused on right now?

Off topic but…Will there be a closed beta for the PC?


I’m sure there will be a closed beta not only for the PC but for the consoles as well! At least I am hoping! :smiley:

This is why I love playing beta games, not only to have a go at the game in progress but to also help the developers find any bugs that need fixing too!

I was wondering, if there WAS a beta for Evolve and I happened to find a certain bug in it, would I be able to use the “Xbox Record” function in order to record the said bug in action and upload it to my YT channel?

Or would that be breaking NDA? Unless the beta involved stuff that has been included so far and nothing else? :smile: