Evolve Bugs and Annoyances


I found 3 bugs and annoyances that I have seen happen to me multiple times in the multiplayer.

  1. As a Trapper (Maggie more specifically), I was escaping a monster trapped in my Mobile Arena and I climbed up a ledge relatively close to the edge of the mobile arena and I fell through the map till I died.

  2. Played 4 days of Evacuation and won them all, on the fifth day I was autobalanced to the bonus exp starved monster side. -_-

  3. On a game of Defend I noticed the hunters I was killing never received strikes, I was in a lobby against a Lazarus but I had managed to kill him multiple times with no strikes given to him either.


The autobalance system is there to prevent teams getting steamrolled and thus rage quitting.

The hunters should recieve strikes when downed, but for defend when they come back in the drops hip theyre strikes are reset


Ok let me rephrase that, the monster left and I was forced into his slot after I had won the previous 4 days, it has nothing to do with the Evacuation autobalance system. Secondly why the hell do the strikes reset in Evacuation, the whole point of strikes is to balance out the fact monsters cannot regenerate health unless they eat an albino Tyrant, Defend is so much harder to win with the hunters short respawn times, but also allowing them to never have strikes is rediculous.