Evolve Bugfixes - In progress, Current Patch, Previous Fixes [UPDATE INCOMING]

Hi All!

We’ve heard your call to be more transparent on our bug fixes! To help do this, we are killing the old known issues thread and bringing you this shiny new hotness.

How it works:

  • In progress: Bugs in this category are high priority, and actively have TRS resources working to squash them

  • Fixes in current patch: This lists all the bugs that were fixed in the most current patch. Once a new patch comes out, this section will be updated with new info.

  • Fixed Previously: Any bug that was fixed in a patch previous to the current one goes here.

Please note, the list below is a collection of the bugs we’ve fixed or in the process of fixing, but it’s not an exhaustive list of every issue the community has seen or a list of all bugs we’re planning to address. As we go forward, we’ll continue to make the game the best we can and identify other issues to fix in the future.

In Progress:


  • Xbox One - Player joining in progress stayed in lobby and did not transition
  • PS4 - PS4 light bar color loses class color in multiplayer


  • Hank and Sunny shield drone show full capacity on hunter health bars when reapplying the shield when it is not 100% charged


  • Hank’s shield at full capacity will put a strike on a hunter’s health bar with one strike instead of showing the shield and will not show anything when shielding a target with 2 strikes


  • Hyde stands up when taking damage while incapped

Monsters (all)

  • Monsters clip inside of buildings when climbing and being harpooned by Griffin
  • Monster will be highlighted during entire match when a player takes control of a bot monster that is highlighted by Gobi


  • Goliath is unable to climb after impacting a wall with Leap Smash
  • Goliath’s traversal is sometimes shortened when jumping near shin high objects
  • Goliath-Rock Impact sound is inconsistently playing when getting hit with Rock Throw as a Hunter


  • Inconsistencies with Wraith abducting targets with some walls
  • Wraith’s decoy will be outlined any time casted once the Wraith has been hit by tranq for the remainder of the game
  • Abduction - Drops hunters inside of objects when used near hollow meshes.


  • Tongue Grab - Hunter’s are capable of regaining control in the middle of a grab during gameplay
  • Tongue Grab’s pull on hunter is sometimes interrupted by surfaces partly blocking the player’s trajectory.
  • Behemoth’s fissure abilities effects and damage aren’t working near certain geometry
  • The Hunters are able to consistently get “headshots” on a Stage 3 Behemoth while he’s rolling
  • Behemoth continued to roll in the air at the same level as the cliff when rolling off a cliff.


  • The Logitech app is not loading Evolve images and background LED colors are too extreme
  • PC - When the party leader is configuring the game, players cannot type into chat.
  • Player will become stuck on a loading screen after all other users have left the match when transitioning into character select


  • Users would get kicked back to lobby during a 5 player Evacuation match, occasionally getting “The connection to the host has timed out,” or “You and your party have left the match,” messages.

Fixes in the Current Patch

Patch 5.1 fixes:


  • Hunt 2.0 matchmakes based off Glicko score instead of your rank.
  • Hunt 2.0 - Fixed to UI not correctly displaying the highest ranked opponent that has been beaten
  • Penalty timer displaying the wrong penalty length if the system clock is not correct (have system times set to sync automatically rather than manually until a fix for this is out) (server fix)
  • Penalty timer incorrectly calculating penalty timer if a previous penalty had been awarded (which could result in much larger penalties than intended) (server fix)


  • Fixes for various memory leaks


  • Hunters (all)
    • Fix for the Mobile Arena visuals. They now match the collision.
    • Fix for ammo consumption while rapidly switching weapons
  • Slim
  • Slim’s healing burst should no longer gain energy too quickly
  • Laz
  • Laz will now get interrupted by Kraken air attacks when he tries to res while having a shield on.
  • Sunny
    • Sunny’s shield drone will no longer push her out of the dome or map.
  • Bucket
    • Fix to prevent Bucket from stacking sentry guns


  • Wraith
  • Wraith Teleport Fix:
  • Wraith should not target hunters when warping near them and pointing the targeting reticule somewhere away from them.
  • Behemoth
  • Lava Bomb - Droplets do not cause knockback.
  • Kraken
  • Kraken would always be recharging stamina regardless of what they delay had been set to

Fixes from Previous Patches

Patch 5.0 and earlier fixes:


  • General
  • Fixed an issue where a party of four will connect to another player but then quickly get disconnected from that player and enter the hosting state when searching with a party
  • Fix for when a player loses functionality after accepting an invite from the host who is exiting the lobby
  • Fixed an issue where the player fell out of the world when joining a game late
  • Fix for players being stuck in a dead lobby indefinitely if a player hot joins into a party of 4 that is in matchmaking
  • XBoxOne
  • Improvements to XBox One matchmaking search times by ensuring that sessions with five players are not including in the matchmaking pool
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be placed in a non functional lobby when attempting to enter Multiplayer after exiting Multiplayer during the “Enabling Multiplayer Parties” event on the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where one user was pulled from the party and connected to a lone player after the party quit out of a previous game when searching with a party of 4
  • Fixed a case where users were unable to accept
    invites after leaving a game lobby.
  • Fixed not having a sign-in prompt after getting
    signed out while loading into a multiplayer game.
  • Title will crash when searching for a match from
  • Fixed issue where User is not taken to lobby
    when accepting an invite from startup screen.
  • Fixed issue where the host leaves the match on
    the Character Select Screen but other players can still see them in the match.
  • Host of 5 person Custom match unable to start
    the game issue. “outofsync”
  • Players are unable to find each other when
    searching Evacuation.
  • Fixed a low frame rate issue that could occur
    when there was a full lobby in an online match.
  • Fixed players appearing to still be in a match
    after they had been disconnected from a server.
  • Fixed title crashing to home when user accepts a
    game invitation during single player Evacuation.
  • Fixed an issue where joining a game didn’t
    display the other player’s gamertag.
  • Fixed an issue where users would get a
    “Connection to host failed” error when going into multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to join
    in progress from the “Press A to Start” screen.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed 2 users to start
    into a match on their own after searching.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to
    join on a friend from the XBox Dashboard.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when 2 users that
    were going to connect while searching Skirmish.
  • Fixed a matchmaking issue where a party of 4
    were unable to find a game.
  • Fixed an issue where clients would get disconnected
    when a host quits the game from the dashboard.
  • Fixed a failed search condition that could
    happen if the user had already cancelled and restarted searching.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to find
    each other in evacuation PvP.
  • Fixed transition to lobby potentially causing
    players to disconnect.
  • Fixed issue where canceling into Skirmish lobby
    would cause disconnect.
  • Fixed issue where leaving Multiplayer &
    re-entering would break UI.
  • Fixed issue when you get error “Failed to
    Connect Product Ownership authentication failed.” while joining friends in
  • Fixed issue regarding “Connection to host
    failed.” when attempting to hot join a full match.
  • Fixed users not falling back to the lobby if
    everyone else left the game.
  • Fixed an issues that caused players searching in
    a particular mode to be match made into a different game mode.
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to get
    disconnected while loading into matches.
  • Fixed an issue where a lobby could show a map
    loading screen when it should just be a lobby screen.
  • Fixed an issue where if round robin was
    disabled, clients would continuously be brought back into team selection after
    a monster left.
  • PS4
  • Two players with strict NATs should now be able to matchmake


  • Audio/VO
  • Fixed an issue where drop ship conversations would play their lines out of order for some players
  • Fix for an issue where guns in third person would play the distance version of their sound even when at close range
  • Fix for monsters sometimes hearing the hunter’s dropship conversation
  • Remixed a number of audio file to have a more
    consistent volume across the board
  • Fixed a problem where a sound effect was being
    played twice when the awards first appear during the Round Summary.
  • Fixed a problem where muting someone that is
    taking a break from the Player Options screen would fail.
  • Fixed a lot of pre-round sounds that were
    missing for button highlights, selections and backing out of the various
  • Fixed issues with long pauses between VO dialog
    in the dropship.
  • Fixed jetpack audio issues not being tied to the
    actual position of the player.
  • Fixed up some VO conversations playing at
    inappropriate times.
  • Fixed some Campaign effect Dropship banter
    playing for the wrong effect.
  • Fixed incorrect dropship banter playing during
  • Crashes
  • Fix for rare crash relating to monster animations
  • PC: Fix for rare crash relating to multithreading on specific hardware set ups
    • Fixed a rare crash when a player cancelled their search
    • Fixed a crash relating to when Sunny bot used her jetpack booster
    • Fixed a rare crash for the client after leaving the match during gameplay and matchmaking back into the same game as Sunny
    • Fix for a rare crash for clients who join and in progress match as Slim
    • Fix for rare crash for when a 6th player attempts to join a lobby after the role for Observer has been selected by another player
    • Fix for players encountering an indefinite black screen or crash after signing out on the custom arena loading screen then attempting to start a solo match
    • Improvements to pre-round asset loading and memory usage, which address several graphic corrupts and rare crashes
    • Fixed a rare crash when exiting multiplayer
    • XBox One: fix for crash when suspending partway through the loading screen after selecting either Hunter or Monster role in Solo modes
    • XBox One: Fix to address memory leaks that caused crashes/kicking the player back to the dashboard (which happened frequently in playing multiple matches, particularly in Broken Hill Foundry)
    • Fixed a crash that would happen during a
      streaming installation.
    • Fixed a crash that would occur in sleep mode.
    • Fixed a crash that could happen when signing out
      while loading into the character select of arena mode.
    • Lots of fixes for crashes both on the server and
      on the client.
  • UI
    • Fixed an issue where the perk selection menu and all HUD elements will disappear when the user attempts to evolve to Stage 2 as the Monster if the player first played an Arena mode match and then went into a different mode
  • Solo Mode - fix for Markov’s Arc Mines and Assault Rifle text/graphics are mismatched in the Player Progression screen Post Round
  • Fixed character names missing when viewing the
    Video Gallery on the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue for level 40 players where
    “undefined” would appear after a round summary screen for the
    player’s level.
  • Added an option to hide awards from popping up
    in the corner through the Options Menu.
  • Fixed an issue with negative global averages.
  • Fixed an issue with the distance values that
    were not showing up when viewing allies beyond 60 meters.
  • Fixed the “Take over bot” UI so that it properly
    appears when late joining as the monster.
  • Fixed a problem where the monster player could
    open the minimap while the ability selection UI was open, which would cause the
    minimap to appear underneath it.
  • Fixed a problem where the replay event log would
    stay open when transitioning to the Team Selection screen.
  • Fixed a UI issue that would cause purchased
    characters to appear locked when they should be unlocked.
  • Fixed a UI issue related to news ticker
  • Fixed a problem in the Round Summary where
    skipping through the level up banner animation would cause undefined values to
    appear in the award screen.
  • Fixed issues with undefined text appearing in
    the round summary screen.
  • Fixed various issues with incorrect information
    being displayed after hitting max level.
  • Fixed UI issue when unlocking multiple items
    during the round summary.
  • Fixed some problems with the Round Summary
    trying to play multiple instances of the same sound.
  • Fixed issues that were causing bot characters to
    not show up in the pre-round screen.
  • Fixed issues where colors of class labels could
    appear incorrect.
  • Fixed multiple issues in pre-round where
    disabling the perks via the custom game options would cause missing or
    incorrect characters to appear when backing out from the ready pane.
  • Fixed a problem where a few warning dialogs in
    pre-round could persist to the loading screen so they would overlap tutorial
    videos potentially.
  • Graphical
  • PC: The game no longer minimizes when alt-tabbing while running in Windowed (Fullscreen) mode
  • Monsters have their glow back on character selection screen
  • Fixed an issue where the monster would join the
    match as invisible and without abilities or health when hot joining a party
    host while on the character select screen of a multiplayer match.
  • Fixed resolution problem resulting in blurry
  • Fixed a number of particle rendering issues
  • Fixed a black screen that could appear when
    loading into the character select screen.
  • Fixed an issue where textures could become
    offset in the pre-round screen.
  • Arena Mode
  • Hunt sudden death grace period has been reduced
    to 10 seconds.
  • Added separate game option for Elite Wildlife in
    Arena Mode.
  • Added VO when sudden death begins.
  • Arena Mode Sole Survivor will trigger 2 minutes
    until a battle draw.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio would abruptly
    cut out and the end of a match.
  • Fixed Arena Mode battle draw timer not showing
  • Fixed camera not working properly for an
    observer if you restarted the server.
  • Fixed seeing remote players running in place
    during the freeze time in Arena Mode.
  • Fixed a bug with traversal abilities possibly
    not working in Arena Mode.
  • Fixed achievements not working properly in Arena
  • Fixed edge case where the draw timer would
    appear early if sudden death was triggered.
  • Fixed a problem where late joining an Arena
    match would cause the late joiner to be stuck on the loading screen forever.
  • Fixed minimap visibility problems during arena
  • Fixed an issues that was causing the sudden
    death timer to not work properly in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the UI would
    overlap with the “Please Wait…” spinner.
  • Fixed a crash that might occur when playing
    consecutive rounds of Arena.
  • Fixed an issue that could allow the monster to
    knock hunters outside the arena.
  • Fixed an arena on Barracks that could result in
    an immediate win for the hunters.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the monster to not
    get a replay screen after the post round screen.
  • Fixed an issue with take a break prompt
    displaying when entering a new Arena match.
  • Fixed issues that led to the ability selection
    UI not opening properly for the monster in Arena mode.
  • Observer Mode
  • Added observer HUD input functionality that
    allows changing the spectator target using the bumpers on the controller.
  • Added functionality that allows the bumpers and
    the up/down directions to allow the user to change the spectator target even
    while the HUD is hidden.
  • Fixed Observer HUD hint visibility fixes.
  • Fixed a problem where the screen would be black
    if you joined late as an observer.
  • Fixed a problem where a late joining observer
    would see a round summary timeline that starts at 0% instead of 100% along with
    overlapping text.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing the observer
    HUD input to ignore the left thumbstick when playing with a fresh profile.
  • Maps
  • Various fixes were included that affected AI
    pathing, collision, textures, map exploits, gameplay adjustments, minimap
    updates, climbable surfaces, graphical occlusion, lighting, and performance
    improvements to the following maps.
    • Orbital Drill, Broken Hill Mine, Broken Hill, Foundry, Weather Control, Barracks, MedLab, Refueling Tower, Aviary, The Dam, Fusion Plant, Barracks,
  • Adjustments to Dome positions for Arena mode:
  • MedLab, Refueling Tower, Fusion Plant, Broken Hill Mine, The Dam, Orbital
    Drill, Broken Hill Foundry, Weather Control
  • Fixes to various campaign effects.
  • Gamplay
  • Potential fix for bodies falling through the ground and out of the world (still some cases remain)
  • XBox One: fixed an issue where the game failed to pause when pressing the Xbox Home button
  • Jetpack Improvements
  • Now has consistent dodge distances and max dodge speeds
  • Now initiate slow climb when completely out of fuel
  • Fixed a bug causing jetback to turn off after dodging allowing the hetpack dodge velocity to carry on longer than it should have


  • Hunters (all)
    • Hunter Bots
      • Bots now randomize
        characters between all Hunters owned (not just Team A)
      • Bot Hunters improved behavior when hunting the
      • Bot Hunters will now follow Daisy when there is
        no human controlled Hunter.
      • Bot Hunters have been adjusted to better help
        incapped Hunters.
      • Bot Hunters now attack Monsters after staging up
        and standing still.
      • Bot Hunters will now target Banshee Mines.
      • Fixed an issue where bots would try to plant items
        in bad spots.
  • General
    • Jetpack fuel is no longer used when moving a
      direction but not thrusting.
    • Fixes to prevent hunters cancelling tumbles and knockbacks by jumping
    • Aim Assist/Snap - Snap to target removed on damage dealing
    • Adjusted knockback state velocity to work more
      appropriately with different angled forces.
    • If Trappers leave the dome it comes down after 10 seconds.
    • Fixes for hunters playing the get up animation twice when being revived through Caira’s healing grenade
  • Markov
  • Arc Mine should now be visible in hand while in
    third person.
  • Griffin
    • Bot
      • Bot will now plant sound sensor in Arena mode.
      • Bot Griffin will now use harpoon gun in arena mode
  • Crow
    • General
      • Made the accuracy lines visible when using
        Crow’s Long Rifle.
      • Stasis Gun has the proper aim assist settings.
    • Bot
      • Bot Crow will stop using stasis gun when teammate
        is pounced.
  • Abe
    • Stasis Grenade - Fixed Stasis Grenade mastery not working.
  • Slim
    • Bots
      - Fixed a bot issue where Slim would continually
      send out the healing drone.
      • If Slim gets incapped while aiming healing
        drone, he will no longer automatically fire it upon being picked up.
    • General
    • Fix for Slim’s heal burst reticle animation staying on screen the player switches while it’s up
    • Fix for Slim’s Spore Cloud Expert mastery being gained for other players who are not using Slim
    • Fix for exploit that caused his heal burst cooldown to be much shorter than intended
      • Fixed a minor bug with selecting the healing
        drone by scrolling on the mouse wheel.
      • Fix for Masteries counting towards other Hunters.
  • Sunny
    • Bot
    • Sunny bot will no longer shoot other Hunters with Grenade Launcher after engaging the Wraith’s Decoy in combat
    • Fix for Sunny bot using her jetpack too frequently and rarely attacking the monster
      • Sunny Bot will not use her jetpack booster on a
        teammate that is being pounced.
      • Fixed Jetpack UI issue to properly display how

much of her energy is being used.
- Bots jetpack booster boosts dodge less.
- General
- Fixed Equal Opportunity Achievement not
- Fixed Sunny’s expert and elite mastery not
working on jetpack boost.
- Fixed an issue where the shield drone could make
sunny invulnerable.

  • Hank
    • Laser Cutter has less zoom in iron sights mode.
  • Cabot
    • Aim assist added to damage amplifier.
  • Laz
    • Bot
      • Laz bots will use cloak more often.
  • Torvald
    • General
      • Fixes to Torvald bot not using his mortar cannon without hotswapping first
  • Lennox
    • General
      • Fixed issue where Plasma Lance combo did not reset when taking damage after hotswaping to Lennox
      • Corrected post round performance recap text
      • Fix for the icon shown in the event log for the “Lennox landed 4x combo,” it was previously showing a red circle instead of the plasma lance
      • Fix for Lennox’s autocannon sounding differently between first and third person
      • Fix for reverb effect seeming excessive on Lennox’s cannon when it is fired in an interior location with echo effect
      • Autocannon now displays the correct mastery
    • Bots
      -Fixed an issue where Thunder Strike leap would stop halfway through prematurely hit the ground during smash
  • Val
    • Fix for an issue where players would have the gameplay area turn black when searching into a match in progress as Val in the Fusion Plant


  • Monsters (All)

  • Bot

    • Bot Monster will no longer focus on the shield
      drone while it is deploying.
    • Bot Monster improvements when playing in Arena
    • Bot will be unable to path to or attack Hunters
      when on top of a large silo in the Caustic Siphon section of Arena Mode.
    • Fix for rare pathing issue where monsters and minions would stand in place
  • General

    • Fixed a bug where monsters could move very quickly after melee combat
    • Fixed multiple cases where the “You are Slowed”
      message was not showing at the proper time when stasis grenades were affecting
      the monster.
    • Minions
    • Now attack the Trapper when camping on top of
      trees with the Mobile Arena active during Defend or Nest gameplay.
  • Goliath

  • Fixed issue where Goliath is able to jump farther than normal and will sometimes hang in the air for a long time

  • Fixed an issue where Stage 2 Goliath appeared in the full damage state when undamaged when the Carnivore skin was equipped

  • Fix an issue where Goliath’s leap smash would get stuck in terrain causing it to not deal any damage

    • Fixed issue where Goliath Heavy Lunge attack
      would fall short of target.
    • Fixed issue where Goliath could move super fast
      when spamming melee attacks
    • Fix to momentum being
      lost when running into breakables.
    • Fixed being able to
      activate other abilities while performing a Leap Smash.
    • Fixed instances where
      Rock Throw could one shot kill a Hunter.
  • Kraken

  • General

    • Abilities will no longer keep Kraken in the air
      when under the effects of a tranquilizer, stasis, or harpoon.
    • Fix for Kraken being able to traverse greater distances by colliding into geometry when attempting to jump while falling aka “Krakapult”
    • Fix for Kraken sometimes using two traversal energy when using a single traversal
    • Lightning Strike moves at a consistent speed.
  • Bots

    • Adjustments to AI flight behavior.
  • Wraith

  • Bots

    • AI improvements to traversal decision making.
  • General

    • Fix for abduct dealing two instances of damage at certain angles
    • Fix an issue where Wraith could use a traversal while targeting a hunter and have it double the teleport distance
  • Behemoth

    • General
      • Fix for Lvl1 and Lvl 2 Lava bomb fire pools dealing Lvl 3 damage
    • Fix for Behemoth using Rockwall to push himself out of a Mobile Arena during gameplay
    • Fix for players sometimes influencing the direction of a Rocky Tongue grab with their own velocity
    • Fixed issue where effects can get left behind by
      rock prison.
    • Fixed various issues with fissure disappearing,
      going the wrong direction, and being generally unreliable.
  • Bots

  • Fixed an AI issue where Behemoth had difficulty
    targeting hunters on different elevations.

  • Movement

  • Roll Harpoons affect the roll speed less. Roll
    stamina is consumed at a slower rate.

  • Rock Wall

    • Now properly breaks Hunter deployables.
    • Fixes to make Rock Wall more reliable.


  • Med Lab, The Dam, Orbital Drill, Barracks and
    Rendering Plant updated
  • removing exploits
  • making traversal through the map smoother
  • fixing non-climbable surfaces
  • adding routes and line of sight blockers where necessary
  • etc.
  • Fixes for exploitable areas that hunters could access and/or drop deployable objects that monsters could not reach
  • Armory
  • Aviary
  • Broken Hill Foundry
  • Broken Hill Mines
  • Distillery
  • Refueling Tower
  • Weather Control
  • Wraith Trap
  • Adjustments to Distillery to stop the Kraken from becoming stuck in the mountain geo when in combat with the Crowbill Sloth

Observer Mode

  • Minor HUD fixes for instances when the UI does
    not show up properly.
  • Fix for the Mouse curser showing up when playing
    a match after being an Observer in a different match.
  • Fixed an issue when late joining that would
    force the player into the Observer Role.
  • Fixed an issue where the Observer would load
    into the game with a black screen and incomplete UI.
  • The HUD for the Monster will now update properly
    for the Observer when the Monster becomes bot controlled and evolves.
  • The Monster’s current stage information will now
    show up properly when viewing an AI Monster in Observer Mode.
  • Observers can now use the analog stick to switch
    between users.
  • The left stick now controls the camera and
    cursor selection when using Southpaw or Legacy Southpaw in Observer Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to view idle player’s gamercards when being an observer and opening the Player Options
  • Fixed issue where the cursor highlighting the different players will only move down the list, even when the left thumbstick is tapped up
  • Fix for the Observer’s camera changing to a different character when the Host hotswaps to another Hunter during gameplay globally


  • Fixed an issue that could delay the spawning of
    the third group of survivors in rescue mode.
  • Added replay events (including Survivors and
    Eggs) in the post round screen for Nest and Rescue modes.


  • Fixed Battle Report showing up as
    “Undefined” when the party leader of a match leaves during the final
    post-round cinematic of a Evacuation Mode.
  • XBox One: Fixed an issue where intro and outro videos fail to play for all but one user when progressing through a Multiplayer Evacuation campaign.


  • Fixed issue where Reavers were not attacking
    Stage 1 monsters.
  • Fixed issue where bodies were decaying too
  • Fixed rare issue where Megamouth would remain in idle state after being shot
  • Fix for wildlife failing to spawn correctly, creating a situation in which there is not enough food for the monster to fully armor up or reach stage 3

Arena Mode

  • Fix an issue where the title would hitch when transitioning to the post round screen of an Arena match where the battle has finished via a draw.

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